August 25: Official Pop Culture Day? Understand

by Sabrina Simon – By all indications, next Friday will be August 25th. Which makes us wonder: will this happen official pop culture day, See which artists chose the same date to launch their productions.

Official Pop Culture Day?

Legendary artists chose August 25 as the date to release their singles. First on the list is: Selena Gomez, The artist posted: “You’ve been asking for new music for a while now. Since I haven’t finished SG3 yet, I wanted to release a fun little song I wrote a while back that’s perfect for the end of summer. ‘Single Soon’. August 25!”.

exactly an hour later, the singer Miley Cyrus Report: “25 Aug. ‘Used To Be Young’ (…) This song is dedicated to my loyal fans. I love you for loving every version of me. But no rivalry between the two! On social media, the artists showed support for their new single.

Netizens also linked the matter to the incident in between katy perry it is Lady Gaga, The artists released “Roar” and “Applause” in August 2013. The public expected contention for the top of the charts, but the artists did it differently. He showed that there was no rivalry.

It doesn’t stop here! Ariana Grande A deluxe edition of the album “Yours Truly” was also announced on August 25, in celebration of the project’s 10th anniversary. Besides, next Friday, Iggy Azalea Will release a new song. Recently, the artist made a publication without giving more details, but we are already waiting for a hit.

And to shut down the internet forever, we also have speculations about the big event on August 25. fans think so Olivia Rodrigo Release “Get Him Back”, the next single from “GUTS”, their upcoming studio album set for release on 8 September.

Another assumption is Drake Release their new album “For All the Dogs” on August 25th. will participate in the project nicki minaj it is bad bunny, In the end, fans believe that the group black pink The single “The Girls” will also be released on streaming platforms next Friday, or “Official Pop Culture Day”!

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