Aroldis Chapman returns to life in New York after six years

Chapman began his run in the challenge at the bottom of the ninth episode, at which point he replaced fellow opener Jordan Montgomery, who pitched eight impeccable episodes in which he endured only four untrapables and struck out six opponents. Dominate. Loss Strike.

Aroldis of Holguin, Cuba, got the slate going with his 1×0 team-friendly score, as José Edolis García added his match number 31 of the campaign and reached 93 career tallies in the best baseball on the planet.

After removing the first beater faced by Via del Ponche, showing a launch of over 100 mph as he usually does, Zurdo hit the quadrangle of Ketel Marte with the works “Hora de Recogar los Bates”. Tolerated to match. ,

Aroldis Chapman shows his generic domain

Afterwards, his dominance over rival scouts was complete. No other opponent managed to hold on to an unassailable lead, except for Coterenio Lourdes Guriel Jr., with a free transit ticket due to the presence of a runner, after finding a potential double play or an out at any lunch. reached up. Arbitrator for tiebreaker rule.

During this time, Sinister used 32 shipments and 18 of them passed the 100 mph barrier, reaching a maximum speed of 103 mph. In the meantime, I removed the pair of players by Via del Ponche.

The last occasion on which Aroldis Chapman threw two innings was a duel over his team on July 27, 2017, when the New York Yankees won 6×5 against the Tampa Bay Rays in 11 innings.

In this occasion, Antillano dueled with a favorable score of his square 3×1, but his relief Will Smith endured a pair of Biangulars to earn a closely contested 4×3 victory at the conclusion of round 11.

On the other hand, it was the first race that was recorded in the white in this apartment house after eight games and 21 days in the month of August in the Caribbean.

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