After a disappointing debut six years ago, tickets for the second edition of Fyre Festival are already on sale

Billy McFarland, creator of the disastrous Fyre Festival and sentenced to six years in prison for tax fraud, announced ticket sales for what would be the second edition of the event if it were to happen.

On TikTok, McFarland shared a video where, in his costume, he announced “a big day: Fyre Festival 2 tickets are officially on sale”.

There’s still no defined date, location or line-up, but McFarland guarantees that Fyre Festival will “come back to the Caribbean”. The first edition was supposed to take place in the Bahamas.

The first 100 tickets for the new Fyre festival can be purchased at a price of US$499, and will progressively increase to a price of around US$7,999.

Earlier this month, it was supposed to be held in an edition in Hamptons, New York redux Fyre Festival, which was canceled. McFarland justified this by the fact that his “vision” for the Fyre Festival brand is “200 plus people”.

Planned for two weekends in spring 2017, the Fyre Festival was presented as a luxury event to be held on an island in the Bahamas. The promotional strategy included the publication of a number of influencers including Kendall Jenner and Emily Ratajkowski, but ticket-buyers faced serious security issues and issues related to food and accommodation. Several announced artists, including Blink-182, Disclosure and Pusha T, canceled their participation.

McFarland, the main man responsible for the festival, co-founded by rapper Ja Rule, pleaded guilty to multiple counts of fraud and was sentenced to six years in prison. After four years behind bars, he was released last year. In March, the businessman assumed on Twitter that he had plans to pay back the 24 million euros owed to investors.

The failure of the festival also spawned a Netflix documentary.

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