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VALORANT heroes have many abilities to defeat the enemy, but the most important of these is your aim and game sense, which will allow you to handle most situations in Riot Games’ team-based tactical shooter. While hero skills are an important part of the game, you’ll find that VALORANT has more in common with CS:GO (Counterstrike: Global Offensive) than with other hero-based shooters like Overwatch.

So if you’re most often thrown onto the viewer’s screen after turning into VALORANT, don’t worry. These tricks and tricks will quickly put you in the top spot. And if you’re struggling to get past hard choke holds on the Bind map or a late-round push from C Long on Haven, this guide will help you become the one to send opponents to the spectator screen.

1. Increasing the chances: the position of the sight

Crosshair stance is undoubtedly the most important aspect of improving your KD in VALORANT. It’s all about aiming at the center of the screen, positioning your crosshair at the perfect head height as you move forward through the round. The idea is to minimize the amount of fixes you have to do when you see a player. If the crosshair is at head height, you only need to travel a (relatively small) horizontal distance. It will take time and dedication to get rid of some bad habits. This goes for all of you down-to-earth and forward-thinking: make the effort to switch to this style of play and you’ll see your game improve with discipline. Keep in mind it takes a conscious effort to change your play style, but it will help you take a big step forward in VALORANT.

As they say, to become an expert at something, you must first practice 10,000 hours. Although 10,000 might be a little… a bit too much? You must visit the shooting range before standing in line, practicing aiming and tracking, or familiarizing yourself with VALORANT’s arsenal of weapons.

Would you like to select an Operator? Come on, that’s OP, but get used to it. Mastering the ranges, distances, and strengths of each weapon, as well as figuring out what you’re comfortable with, will help when your economy dries up and your options start to dry out. However, be careful not to spend too much time on the range and get burned. You can start slowly, but consistent 30-minute sessions will pay off.

And now you can also take part in VALORANT’s new Team Deathmatch mode, where you and up to four teammates can take on the enemy team in a short amount of time without worrying about the economy. This is a great way to work out and warm up.

The Dominican Republic team celebrates victory during the Red Bull Campus Clutch World Finals in Sao Paulo, Brazil on December 14, 2022.

Team practice is the key to success at Red Bull Campus Clutch

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Call of Duty and Battlefield taught us a lot of skills that are unlikely to be useful in this game. Running around the map while firing a submachine gun from the hip is nothing more than a fantasy when you get into a VALORANT game. Your shots will be surprisingly wild and inaccurate when fired on the fly, even if you’re aiming down the scope. Take your time with those curves and put your feet up. A vandal can one-shot someone with a heavy shield, but only if you click on their head. In VALORANT, the strongest hand wins just as often as the fastest.

4. Your scope and you- What are you doing wrong:

Some might think it’s not that bad, but it’s important to find a grid that suits you and your playstyle. Decreasing the scatter bar and choosing a color that will stand out against the dull background of the Bind will help a lot. It can also give you a more accurate base for more consistent headshots. It all depends on what suits you best. Once you set up the grid, you will be amazed at the improvement. Bottom line: The grid should be simple, small, non-distracting, and consistent. Always choose a static reticle over a dynamic reticle that adapts as you shoot or move. If your grid can’t be consistent, you can’t either.

Shooting from the hip is usually not the best option for typical shooters. However, if you keep your feet on the ground while shooting and have a solid reticle you can rely on, then crosshair aiming should be your preferred method of cornering in VALORANT. Aiming down increases accuracy, but reduces the rate of fire. This is optimal for ranged combat, but in close combat, where one shot can be enough while staying in scope, you get a better field of view and a higher rate of fire when you have more than just a Sage in range. .

In VALORANT, the most consistent hand wins just as often as the fastest.

All of this advice is useless if you’re not set up right, so for the many who find it offensively rudimentary, it’s for the few who can’t. If you haven’t figured it out yet…: Find the right sensitivity for you. VALORANT is a slower game than most, so a lower sensitivity is more forgiving. Set the DPI to something comfortable for all games and then adjust the sensitivity as best you can. There are various converters available online to calculate your preferred settings for VALORANT and the rest of your favorite games. Most professional gamers use 400 or 800 dpi, but find what works best for you and the right mouse for your game to keep your edge.

7. Leave no stone unturned:

If you’re new to the PC world or have never been able to aim with a mouse, “Aiming Trainer” might be your best option. Aim trainers have different prices, games and exercises. Whether it’s tracking, swiping aiming, or burst shooting, you’ll find more than one option to help you hone your skills. Aim Lab has countless resources and specific tasks to help you in various aspects of PC gaming.

Ready to aim for a world title? The Red Bull Campus Clutch is an open college VALORANT tournament where teams from all over the world compete to represent their country – and claim the crown – in the World Finals. You can get more information and sign here.

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