X to Miles photos disappeared due to a mistake on the social network

The fall also had an effect on one of the most famous photos of the social network.

X to Miles photos disappeared due to a mistake on the social network
Decline in X causes thousands of old photos to disappear.

x, was formally known as Twitter until the name and logo were changed. I’m encountering a problem that prevents some older posts from being displayed correctly, These tweets showing the errors mostly contained images or links that were modified by the social network’s link cutter.

It is not known when this fall, but who discovered it Tom Coates or Danilo Takagi, It appears that this error is affecting Tweets (now known as Publications) Published before December 2014 And, although this isn’t a problem with videos, for example, YouTube links also have this inconvenience, since they’re just text.

El follo de x may also have influenced one of the most famous publications on the social network

As Tom Coates pointed out, this error may have affected one of the most famous publications and also the most interactions on the social network: Selfie posted by 2014 Oscars presenter Ellen DeGeneres, Celebrities such as Bradley Cooper or Jennifer Lawrence appeared in Dicha photography.

Although X has not commented on the error, the image was restored a few hours ago after it was discovered that it also affected one of the most famous photos on the social network, As for whether Elon Musk or its CEO Linda Yacarino, there was certainly a lot of Elo in there.

Although it was previously thought that this was a deliberate move on X’s part, it is clear that the media publications were not terminated, which suggests that this may have been an error that created the platform, which led to some old publications did not come in the right manner. Y sigan si ver bien.

since X, as we said, No announcement has been made, however it appears to be a timing error. A number of changes have been made to the platform since Musk’s arrival, from how to show more liked publications to user profiles when users log in without starting a session, or adding functions such as video calls aimed at social networks. is intended. App todo n uno.

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