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Neuroarchitecture is a common branch between architecture and psychology that focuses on the study of constructed space and the signals that the nervous system emits to the brain as a result of the stimulus received through the perception of said space.

The bedroom is one of the key rooms in the house, as we dedicate many hours of the day to rest, and in the case of boys and girls, they stay longer because they play, study, read and feel space for themselves.

In this sense, depending on how these spaces are built and ordered, we will feel better or worse.. The decoration, the brightness, the shape of the furniture, the colors, the textures, among other things, all encourage us to feel one way or another when entering and being in an enclosed space.

For this reason, neuroarchitecture seeks to design in a healthy way, taking care of people.

The impact of neuroarchitecture on mental health

Connecting with nature is essential for our physical and mental health. In fact, indoor spaces with plants and green spaces have been proven to reduce stress and free the mind. That’s why modern design should incorporate natural elements such as natural light, plants, and outdoor views.

Except, The built space must be adaptable and flexible to meet the changing needs of people… This includes the ability to reorganize spaces according to needs and the introduction of technologies that allow you to adapt to the times and new improvements that progress brings.

There are factors that unconsciously affect our neurological system, and our state of mind in space depends on it; We can mention factors such as natural or artificial lighting, dim light, white or dark walls, large or small space.


“A study by the University of Texas found that hospital design has a significant impact on patient recovery. Patients in rooms with windows that let in natural light, nature views, and soothing colors recovered faster and needed fewer painkillers than patients in rooms with dimmer lighting or less soothing views.“, – confirmed the European Institute of Business Research (INESEM).

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