Watch Ryan Gosling rehearse his iconic Barbie musical number

one of the most adorable sequences of barbieThis is the moment when Ken (ryan gosling) decided to express his feelings for the ideal woman through a title song I’m just Ken. La ballada en cuistion le dio al pueblo una nueva perspectiveva sobre los sentimientos del varone domado.

Atlantic RecordsLaunched a new “behind the scenes” musical number, which allows viewers to see how Greta Gerwig and her team filmed this powerful part of the film, where both practical and digital visuals to produce symbolic performances effects were used.

song, according to the particular medium collidercomes a moment in the film in which Ken already doesn’t really know who it is, which prompts him to reflect on his place in the world (that is to say, in Barbieland).

Ryan Gosling, one of the film’s canes. Clarins Archive Photos

Since the beginning of time, Barbie (margot robbie) Their relationship was the center of attraction, and Gosling’s character constantly faces the disapproval of the most glamorous woman in town.

After a brief visit to the human world, Ken learns that society there works very differently, leading to a sort of existential and identity crisis that will make him obsessed with horses and Barbie’s authorities. would organize a coup against Government.

Other versions of Kane, including versions interpreted by Nkuti Gatwa and Simu Liu, were present during the music sequence, which highlighted how the universal experience for the characters of Barbieland was about to change its future. .

Kane (Ryan Gosling) wants to overthrow the Barbie government.

It doesn’t matter how much they taste like Ken’s horses, it was Barbies’ intelligence, ingenuity, and attention to detail that allowed Barbieland to flourish.

and Margot Robbie’s song

soundtrack of if you knew barbie It is full of names. A possible playlist would include the fabulous voices of Dua Lipa, Karol G, Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice. Although there seems little room for more surprises, there it is: a theme that runs throughout the film is sung by the same Margot Robbie.

Barbie and Ken, head to the real world.

The Song That Plays On Barbie’s Coach Radio When She Heads To The Real World Isn’t Another Song closer to GoodFrom folk-rock duo Indigo Girls, a perfect anthem for the protagonist, on the eve of the journey of self-discovery she’ll embark on in her own skin.

Currently having a net worth of more than 1.2 thousand million dollars in the world Tequila, it is not possible to deny the fact that barbie It is officially a blockbuster film. If Gerwig’s story about Muneka searching for the meaning of life paces well, it’s more likely to outdo her super mario bros, the filmBecame the top and hottest taquillero debut of 2023.

I wonder if any of the great debuts yet to come during this second half of the year will be able to overcome it. However, the prospects look good barbie, And to the extent that the people at Warner Bros. You have to think about what you want to do with the world of iconic Muneca in the near future.


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