Valorant: We have 4 Champions semi-final teams, Fnatic gets final pass after defeating DRX

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Starting from the duel day where we have two squads that are not competing and two more that can fight for promotion to try to get into the top 4 of the tournament, after a few days of competition, it became interesting with several squads that gave a lot reasons to talk with each of the duels they gave throughout the competition.


Since the battle for loud due to Edward Gaming with script bind that he was fairly even on both sides, having a score of 6-6, in the second part snake He took advantage of Reina’s team, which left the opponents in poor shape, to get the necessary losses that left them ahead to finish the match 13–11. The second card will ascent the Brazilians managed to put together a solid defense that left them 8-4 thanks to bladesIn the second half Less This would be the key moment of the match to finish 13-5, which tied the series. with the deciding factor Harbor which showed itself with very similar games from both sides, which left the score 6-6, in the reversal of roles, the Brazilian samba was present with kauanzine which turns on the booster to make his opponents fall, ending the match 13-11.

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The second series will fnatic against XRD with the first card bind for the Asian team to completely dominate the match thanks to Mako who wiped out the opponent with a score of 11-1, in the second half the matter continued on the side of DRX, who took the fight 13-1. Moving on to the second card, we have Harbor that it will look very even for both sides, leaving the score at 6-6, in the second half we will see a lot of activity from Fnatic, who determined the situation with alphager who suffered key losses to finish the match 13–9. In the solution we have split Leo was a clutch master, which gave him a 7-5 lead in the second half. Leo He will keep the lead to be able to take down his opponents one by one, managing to win the match 13-6, giving them the lead.

After these results Loud and Fnatic They get the last places in the top 4 of the competition, but they will also have to fight among themselves to win the entry to the lower bracket final, now with several days of competition left, the teams need to better prepare. to be able to win the championship, on the other hand in the upper bracket Paper Rex will have an evil genius to determine which squad will be the first finalist in the tournament.

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