Valorant: Evil Geniuses reach the top 4 champions, Evil Genius sends DRX loser bracket

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Day 12, when teams want to keep their second life intact in the top bracket, with 3 regions still fighting on that side, it gets more and more interesting to start determining which teams will reach the top bracket. 4, where only the best of them can win the championship of this great international event.


Since the battle of paper rex due to loud on the map of Lotus where everything was heated from the very beginning, when I saw kauanzine using a good advantage for the Brazilians who made it 7-5 by reversing the roles we have a game that would reach overtime where the power is anything The situation changed with the score 15-13, which gives them the victory. Then in split things would have looked very different as the Brazilians managed to set the pace in their favor with a 10-2 scoreline by a wide margin loud managed to keep things in the fight and Less He would be the one who manages to finish the game 13-2. Passing to the decisive, we have Pearl with a positive start for Pacific Rim residents with anything it causes a lot of chaos to leave 7-5, in the second half we see jinggg show how he handled Phoenix, with whom he reached the rounds ending the match 13–10.

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For the second contest we see evil genius due to XRD with a map of fracture where the abilities of evil geniuses are manifested through demon1 who manages to turn down the 8-4 opponents, the Asian team will start to have a few points in their favor at the switchover, but it won’t be enough to stop the 13-9 North Americans. The second confrontation will be in Lotus with the rounds that came out in favor demon1 who again became the executioner of rivals to put the scoreboard at 10-2, going to the switch-over, the close will be quick for the North Americans, who manage to settle things with a score of 13-4.

Finishing off the upper bracket matches that allow the line-up to PRX and EG who are ahead of the competition to secure themselves a place in the top four now we only have a few days left but the next matches will feature teams saying goodbye to the competition for some things are getting harder every day but others continue to show a pretty good evolution .

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