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With an updated format, the new edition of Unity League Flow of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive begins. The tournament starts this Wednesday, August 2 at 18:00, and all matches will be played continuously.

The competition will have a league stage in which 9 teams will compete and play 4 games per day. The top 6 will advance to the playoffs. Once the key stage is ready, the format will go through double elimination and best-of-three matches. Likewise, the grand final will be the best of the five games.

The league phase instance will begin this Wednesday and run until September 6th. Further, the playoffs will be held from September 11 to October 2; and the final is scheduled for October 14th.

The WAP Esports team from Rosario is present, which has been working non-stop for several seasons and recently submitted its roster to the tournament. It will include Matias “Sages” Jad De Tomaso, Lucas “Lucquitaz” Dominguez, Lucas “Lucasier” Silva, Thiago “Titanio” Vassallo, Tadeo “Flowveep” Piccato from Rosario, and Abraham “Piccas0” Rodriguez Asad, from the role of an alternate. For his part, Pablo “Fares” Ayala, the team’s historic player, will evolve from his role as coach of a young team.

WAP’s opponents in Unity League Flow will be Ebea2 Gaming, Boca Juniors Gaming, EBRO, Furious Gaming as the defending champion, Velox, Maycam Evolve, River Plate Gaming and Stone Movistar.

This year’s competition will feature large economic prizes, which will be divided among all participants of the competition depending on their performance in the tournament. All matches can be watched live on the League’s streaming channels, as well as on 601 Flow.

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