‘Twilight’: Theory explains why Edward can’t read Bella’s mind

Ever since their first meeting in ‘Twilight’, Bella has sought Edward’s attention because she doesn’t know what he thinks. A theory claims that a clue has been found as to why this is happening to Bella.

the vampires twilight won the hearts of the teenage audience of the 2000s. Thief Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson as the protagonist of the cinematographic adaptation of the books of Stephenie MeyerThe love story between an alleged vampire and a young woman who recently arrived in Forks Village, Washington, has taken the world by storm., Although 15 years have passed since we first saw Cullen playing baseball in the middle of a storm, the love for vampires is stronger than ever.

plot of twilight It is not the same without the interest that Edward shows for Bella as she is the only human who cannot read his thoughts. From their first encounter, the vampire begins to pay more and more attention to the new residents of Forks, to the extent that he decides to tell Bella his truth and tells her that he is a vampire. If we all know how the love story between Bella and Edward ends, it’s never explained why the protagonist was not affected by the vampire’s powers.,

A theory seems to have given some clarity to this explanation. Everything has to do with their priests, who are also very tolerant of vampires’ special abilities., in soap opera dawn, Edward mentions that like Bella, her father Charlie is an enigma to her. Rather than being able to clearly hear Charlie’s thoughts, Edward is only able to get a general idea of ​​what he is feeling. The vampire describes the feeling of reading your mind as if it were a car radio with lots of bad signals.

As far as Bella’s mother, Renée, is concerned, Edward mentions that her mind is unusually noisy. According to the vampire, hearing Renee’s thoughts is like hearing her scream out loud. Thanks to her lineage, Bella already had the gift of blocking the powers of some vampires when she was human., in the universe twilightWhen one becomes a vampire, each of the person’s physical and mental attributes become stronger. Because of this, Bella gains the full ability to block others’ powers and extend this protection to other people at her discretion.

It is possible that if Charlie becomes a vampire, he will develop a power similar to Bella’s, being able to block some of the other vampires’ powers., Whereas if Renee were a vampire, she would project her thoughts onto another personality, similar to the power of her granddaughter Renesmee, who can see others’ minds when they touch them. For now, this is all a theory that hasn’t been confirmed by the author of Twilight World.

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