Today’s Almanac: What happened in the world and Colombia on August 21? Today, consult the almanacs of August 22 and find out who was born, who died and who passed away from the shores of history on this very day.

Ann Pawn We tell you about the most relevant events of August 21 and we tell what is celebrated on this day, who was born and who died.

1526.- Spanish Toribio Alonso de Salazar, named after the Spanish king and emperor Charles V, discovered the Caroline Islands in the Pacific.

1795.- The National Convention approves the constitution that gives executive power to the Directorate during the French Revolution.

1812.- Swiss explorer and adventurer Johann Ludwig discovered the ruins of Petra in Jordan.

1846.- In the war between the United States and Mexico, the Americans captured the city of Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico.

1864.- Signed the Geneva Convention and the creation of the International Red Cross to aid the victims of war conflicts.

1872.- Fire destroyed Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies.

1910.- Japan announced the annexation of Korea as a protectorate.

1911.- Louvre museum personnel discovered the robot of “La Gioconda”, recovered years later in Florence.

1922. – Irish nationalist leader and finance minister Michael Collins is assassinated during an ambush in the village of Béal na Amblath during the country’s civil war.

1926.- Military coup led by Georges Kondylis removed the dictatorship of Theodoros Pangalos in Greece.

1930.- Soldier Luis Sánchez Cerro leads a revolutionary declaration in Arequipa (Peru) that ends with the one-year government of Augusto B. Leguía.

1968. – Pope Pablo VI arrives in Bogotá, the first papal visit to Latin America.

1978.- A Sandinista commando of 25 guerrillas storms the National Palace of Nicaragua and takes possession of legislators belonging to dictator Anastasio Somoza.

1998.- The Ejercito Nacional de Liberation Irish (INLA) announces a cessation of hostilities in Ulster after 23 years of violence.

2001.- The Discovery shuttle, with three astronauts aboard, landed at Cape Canaveral (Florida, United States) after five months in space.

2003.- A VLS-3 Kohete, which was prepared to put the satellite into orbit, exploded at the Alcântara Launch Center (Brazil), killing 16 engineers.

2004.- Two of Edvard Munch’s most famous paintings “El Scream” and “La Madonna” were stolen in Oslo (Norway).

2006.- A Russian Tu-154 aircraft crashed due to lightning during an emergency landing in Ukraine and killed 169 passengers.

2010.- Three miners trapped in the reserves of San Jose in Atacama (Chile) were rescued alive after 17 days of searching.

2012.- Russia joined the World Trade Organization (WTO).

2020.- Russian rival Alexei Navalny, who was poisoned a few days ago at Omsk airport (Siberia), arrives in Berlin for treatment at La Charite’s university hospital.


1647.- Dionis Papin, French physicist.

1862.- Claude-Achille Debussy, French composer.

1893 – Dorothy Parker, American writer.

1898 – Alexander Calder, American sculptor.

1902 – Leni Riefenstahl, German photographer.

1904 – Deng Xiaoping, Chinese leader.

1928 – Karlheinz Stockhausen, German composer.

1934 – Norman Schwarzkopf, US Army.

1936.- Peter Mladenov, former President of Bulgaria.

1941 – Enrique Loewe, Spanish businessman.

1961.- Andrés Calamaro, Argentine singer-songwriter, musician, composer and producer.

1964 – Mats Wilander, Swedish tennis player.

1995.- Dua Lipa, British singer


1877.- Tomas Price, Spanish circus entrepreneur.

1878.- Maria Cristina de Bourbon, Queen of Spain.

1980.- James McDonnell, American aviation pioneer.

1998.- Elena Garro, Mexican writer.

2003.- Imperio Argentina (Magdalena Nile del Río), Spanish-Argentine singer.

2009.- Matilde Ladron de Guevara, Chilean writer.

2016.- Edward Malefakis, American historian.

2017.- John Abercrombie, American musician.

2020.- Walter Lure, American musician member of the punk rock band “The Heartbreakers”

2021.- Don Everly, American musician of the “Everly Brothers” duo.


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