“They are doing mental health activities for children from the disaster area in San Cristobal” | daily list

This Sunday, the Office of Risk Management and the Department of Mental Health of the Ministry of Health, in collaboration with the Universidad Iberoamericano (Unibe), Pro-infancia and members of the San Cristobal community, held an event to Collaborate in the field of mental health of children, near the area of ​​the accident that occurred in the province.

On the spot, babies They engaged in various activities such as painting, painting and listening to discourses and Bible stories. They also received snacks, toys and school supplies.

The priority of the event was focused on children, relatives epicentral zone, who received psychological help.

The meeting took place in the Eugenio de Jesús Marcano Park in San Cristobal, where several hundred children from various neighboring houses, identified by members of the community in connection with the uprising in the area, took part.

Dr. Elisabeth Ruiz of the Department of Health’s Department of Mental Health said “Children’s Intervention is coordinating work on what psychological support is prior to this event.”

Some children participate in children’s activities. 11 psychologists from Unibe, who helped 55 children.

Marta Rodríguez of Fundación Pro Infancia argued that the purpose of the event is to “collaborate with efforts to restore the spirit of society, part of the help that needs to be given is to make children feel that this damage is not perpetuated, but that it is what can be done.”

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