The Valorant community gives you tips on how to improve your “feel for the game”.

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In addition to being a good shooter, Valorant also has a tactical part in which you have to try to guess the enemy’s movements in order to win in duels or after planting a bomb. To do this, you need to have a good sense of the game.which will help you achieve those goals if you don’t have a good goal.

There are several videos or news that we have made about this topic, but today we will not talk about them, but about how the community gives advice on the forum Reddit that all players improve this aspect for their qualifying games and that it is suitable for all maps of this Riot Games game.

Top Tips to Improve Your Game Sense

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Look at the competitive economy

This section is key. This information will let you know what economic ranges they carry and if they can buy this round and the next, so you can be more aggressive or passive to not give away the weapon in the echo round. Also, if you see champions like Jett over 5k credits, she might buy OP in this round or in the future.

Look at your ult points and try to read those rounds.

When the enemy team is close to ult or at ult pointspheres will be key points of confrontation in which they will seek to remove it so that the round revolves around that ending. Champions like Killjoy, Sage, Jett Brimstone, Breach or Skye are some of the last keys to taking advantage of opponents, so keep an eye on these cycles and try to anticipate their moves.

Save the smoke for disposal

One of the most frequently repeated tips in this post This is what you save smoke when considering retaking. If you place a smoke that doesn’t show the bomb, it will be easier for you or your teammates to defuse it, which will allow you to win more rounds per game. Speaking of these deactivations, don’t think it’s fake as you can easily eat this trick. Also, another tip: if you’re trying to defuse the bomb, do it in the middle so you can have aggressive duels and play with the defender’s mind.

With these three little tips, among others commented on by the community, your gaming and social influence will improve dramatically. If you would like to know more information about arrangement or Valiant didactic content, we leave you at the end of the news another one in which we talk about it.

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