The romantic poem with which Jennifer Lopez celebrated her wedding anniversary with Ben Affleck: “Dear Ben…” – Music

Jennifer Lopez He is one of the greatest artists of that time. Now 54 years old, the artist does not stop surprising us all with his social networks or his news bulletins. Besides, we knewthis is me now‘ will be launching this summer, but we’re at the end of August, and we’re still getting honey on our lips. as we are told chain 100The album will be the sequel to her legendary 2002 album, ‘This Is Me…Den’, and her fans are very much looking forward to hearing the 13 songs that will be released within the ninth disc of her discography.

As we know, one of these songs, ‘Midnight Vegas Tour’, tells the story of the singer’s first wedding with Ben Affleck in Las Vegas, even though they had a more formal ceremony and now in an official way. Today, August 21, is the anniversary of this celebration, and the singer wants to celebrate it on her Instagram: “”Hoy hus un ano. Dear Ben, Sitting here alone, looking at my finger, feeling overwhelmed, makes me want to sing. How did we end up here without rewinding? Swear to god… this is my life now.These words, which JLo dedicated to her husband, rhyme in their original version and make up a cute little song.

Show of love for Ben Affleck

,Dear Ben, Best wishes. I want you!Jennifer Lopez wrote on her Instagram account congratulating her husband on such a special day. Ben Affleck turns 51 and the artist wanted to dedicate these beautiful words to him accompanied by the funniest video. A scene of singing in the coach as usual with which he once again managed to win the hearts of all his followers who summed up the actor with congratulations.

And by all means, they also made it clear what a great couple they are and how happy they look together. And it seems that after years of separation, this time your reunion and your marriage is final and it is ready to spend a lifetime As they’ve been demonstrating since a year ago when they united their lives forever, having committed themselves to love each other for the rest of their lives, it appears that they understand the importance of one another. make decisions on the basis of. ,I’ve been asking myself all my life if true love even exists. Now, I feel like I have found the person who will be there for me no matter what.”, said the singer in an interview a few months back. ,We moved in together, the kids came too, it was an emotional transformation, but also, it was like all our dreams had come true.”, added, referencing the great family that they have formed together with their respective children, who have gone with them to create a warm home in which they are very happy.

jennifer lopez and her no makeup viral video

The video that Jennifer Lopez shared on her social networks has accumulated about 5 million reproductions. ,without filter, solo yo, estos sun los 54,Citing her age, she has written that she did not wear any make-up while doing make-up. And that’s what the soloist sings about and that’s what the actress who also has her own line of cosmetics and that’s what she wanted to show in these concrete images, where she shows off two of her star products.

A natural line tailored to your taste, with which you’ve made it clear that you don’t need to use tons of products to get and stay beautiful skin. y is that we are not used to seeing it so naturally This video has caught everyone’s attention, although it is clear that this is not the first video to be sharedMaking it clear that she has no problem with anyone showing herself natural as she is very proud of her appearance and loves to shine without a filter, prefers to show herself as she is.

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