The meaning of Taylor Swift’s iconic song, Blank Space

In the same conversation, Swift explained how it happened Blank space talks about a protagonist who stays in relationships in pathological ways: ‘Every so many years the media finds something that haunts them unanimously: Yo, my personality, the way I live my life, The way I do Hablo, that’s how I react when I win a prize. In 2012-2013, they thought I was quoting too much because I left with two guys in a year and a half’, the singer explained.

yeah it’s no secret taylor swift’s love life It has been featured extensively by the press, creating a narrative that it is a ‘Novia N series’, as described in the interview, dedicated to writing Song To get revenge on each of his former comrades. ‘It was too much, it hurt me at first, but then halle camedia en allo’, Taylor said, meaning that Blank space Actually this is a satire dedicated to the media.

Nor is it any secret that the composer is adept at composing entire stories in a single Song, Thus, in Blank space Swift followed the same persona that was created by the media, but it was she who took possession of it, giving it identity and depth through video music who act together model sean o’pree,

‘Clingy’, ‘terrible’ and ’emotionally fragile’ were some of the words with which the interpreter described the woman who invented herself to be the holder of websites and joke magazines, but who ‘really lives her life’. Alejada’. The girl with the red lips doesn’t have a name in the video, but it’s a dramatic lifestyle sketch of her artist: ‘I painted a full frame of this persona, lived in a mansion with marble floors, Dolce & Gonzo throughout the house. Gabbana, ironically, ‘takes animal prints.’

Yes Blank space If it feels currently, grassroots, it’s because of its so infectious rhythm, it’s also because, unfortunately, the media appropriates reports of the love lives of women in the industry. Recently we can see the matter of media shakiraWhile over the years, there have been other moments eiza gonzalez He commented on Twitter how he was comparing his love life to hers belinda, ‘Please don’t use me as an example to denigrate or belittle any woman. Never. Not your career, not your personal life, not your body. This is totally unacceptable’, the Mexican woman wrote in 2020.

By the way, Swift has also commented on such news in Hollywood. In another interview for radio station 2DayFMSidney, he explained how he felt about his speculation. Song:’There are people who say: just write Song about mother in law xnovios And frankly I think that’s a very sexist approach. Nadi says it’s about Ed Sheeran, Nadi says it’s about Bruno Mars, they all write songs about your ex, your current girlfriend, your love lives on and no one raises red flags there.’ We all enjoy getting slapped with the Guante Blanco and that’s it Blank space,

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