The Art Of Being Brad Pitt: The Unknown Artistic Professions Beyond Movies You Wouldn’t Expect LOS40

Happen brad pitt It shouldn’t be that simple—certainly, saving in your Millonaria bank account, at least, as far as expectations are concerned. The American actor is one of the great symbols of Hollywood, one of those reference stars that continues to gather thousands of viewers around the world and, why not, one of the favorites of the pink press. That’s right, it’s quite obvious that your hobbies come first. Or maybe new profession?

The world was shocked by the news that many took as a tragedy: his cinema retreat is imminent, at least that’s what he said during the promotion bullet train, i want a seguio la chaotica babylonand will premiere in the near future wolves —that will reunite you on screen George Clooney– and a film about Formula 1 for which it has been modeled on an actual circuit. Oh eighty, There is time for other curious passions.

yes, more so than the winery that sprung up next door Angelina Jolie With the purchase of the French Bodegas Miraval in 2008 – a good thing, which, of course, became one of the most controversial elements of their divorce -; The American has developed a musical ability that would be well known in the record industry. perfect, Thank you for being a part of the place where some of the most famous records in music history were made.

Brad, Fashion Music Producer

Many acknowledge that they have Brad, so the basis of perfection is that he was an artist in music… and if that’s even possible, Your other business off camera may not be displayed. But if you add this: he owns Miraval Studios – located in the same winery he bought with Angelina -, founded in 1977 and with a track record at the time that includes the band’s Speed AC DC, Treatment, sting, George Michael hey pink Floyd -Queen’s Grabaron El Archiconocido Wall All – Ecaron El Sierre in 2005. In 2022, ban, hero of the hero once upon a time in hollywood I wanted to take up this project by investing in the ground level, as well as redesigning the adjacent space damien quintard,

“We wanted to create a space in which we could be free and that was the motto we’ve been following: let’s create a sanctuary”, pitt declared Board, In a sentence that the official website of the studio is proud of. As far as how they are, the result speaks for itself: a modern and euphoric atmosphere that contrasts with the nature that surrounds the landscape, which must also be taken into account when shaping the “experience” of the studio.

If you look at the musical productions being made there, it’s a complete mystery – Pitt’s career hasn’t progressed beyond music anyway – but if it’s clear he’s proud of the project he’s led up to Final Siglo. Relive one of the most legendary studios in the U.S. Even if we’re talking about our projects, The other side of Brad is surprising to a great skeptic.

Pitt, disciple of Miguel Angel

Vale, maybe your other hobby doesn’t drink directly from the Renaissance style; But you have nothing to do with sculpture. And the thing is, because of his desire to invest in art, as has been done with Miraval Studios, the actor has got his hands dirty on more than one occasion to show off his own pizzas. Y no son pocas, ni banales.

He was discovered by the public at an exhibition in Finland, along with others who signed with the composer. nick cave and artists thomas housego, His Las de Pités received a lot of media attention because of their uniqueness. Some of the most recognizable were house-sized models, some of wood – almost pure Homer Simpson style – and others of silicone.

Brad Pitt’s unique home on display in Finland. , anadolu agency

But he didn’t stop there. Pitt did not want to cut or limit the wings, and he also presented works smaller and larger in size than these houses. You don’t have any context: it also presents a set of subjects that – in a double sense – is a giant fresco that can elicit sensations for even the most discerning viewer. translate it into your career, Oh! That is the matter Se7en of your pizza.

I saw myself taking aim, but this time it was too late ,I aimed at you, but this time it was too late In its original version – it presents a wall in stucco depicting a shooting scene between eight figures. Your message appears to match the title, I will see clearly once again once I enter Cabeza in Los Principales.

One of the works of Brad Pitt. , anadolu agency

They are not the only works that Brad has been presented with, and they are certainly not the only works that have been created. It seems that their obsession started after their divorce in 2017, which can be considered as a way of escape. This was never confirmed, although it announced the following to the Finnish media: “For me, it’s about self-reflection… equivocal”, describing “Radical Inventory del Yo”. Very good.

Everything indicates that this diversity, whether in music or in sculpture, may mean that your retreat is near; Although his most loyal followers may see this as a way to stay connected to his art, despite it being a separate channel. be who you are, Your documents are now immortalized for posterity.

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