Sydney Sweeney as Julia Carpenter in “Madame Web”

Contrary to speculation, the character will not be played by the feature’s protagonist, Dakota Johnson (“Fifty Shades of Grey”).

Contrary to what fans imagine, Dakota Johnson (“Fifty Shades of Grey”) will not be Julia Carpenter In “Madame Tia”, Sony’s new Spider-Man Universe film, which will be released in theaters in February. In a profile published by DiversityIt turned out that the role would actually go Sydney Sweeneyfrom “Euphoria”).

Julia Carpenter second in the comics madam webwho gets his powers Cassandra Webb Before Dying. An older woman with mutated powers of foresight, suffering from a neuromuscular disease that requires her to wear a web-like life-support device, Webb is the character’s first incarnation.

Earlier, from leaked records of the film filming in Boston in the United States, it was speculated that Johnson would portray Julia Carpenter, as the actress was seen in action in scenes.

With the news about Sweeney out, the suspicion now is that the “Fifty Shades of Grey” star will continue with the role of Cassandra Webb, but with a change in the character’s history.

Dakota Johnson on the set of Madame Web today in Boston, Massachusetts. -06/08.

— Dakota Johnson Argento (@DakotaJArg) 6 August 2022

Slated to premiere in Brazilian cinemas on February 14, 2024, “Madame Tia” is directed by whom? sj clarkson from the screenplay of (“Jessica Jones”) Matt Punishment it is burke sharplesswho worked together on the script for “Morbius” Jared Leto,

Along with Johnson and Sweeney, the cast of the film still exists. adam scott (“to break”), Emma Roberts (“Love with an appointment”), Celeste O’Connor (“Ghostbusters: Beyond”), Isabella Merced (“Dora and the Lost City”), Tahar Rahim (“Don Juan”) and Mike Epps (“If you drink wine, don’t get married”).

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