Stranger Things: The series finale has been decided

5th season of stranger things Filming hasn’t started yet. But star David Harbor assures that the end of the series has already been decided – after all, he knows how the story will end. Incidentally, the actor took the hint and promised a very impressive ending.

First released on Netflix in 2016, stranger things became one of the biggest hits on the stage. The series, created by Matt and Ross Duffer, released Season 4 last year, and the in-development Season 5 is confirmed to be its last. And so, fans live in anticipation of more.

The actor told that the end of stranger things it’s already decided

stranger things

Amidst the uncertainties, in the face of the writers strike, many fans are curious about the fate of the series. And it seems that, in at least one thing, stranger things It’s early: its the end.

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According to David Harbour, in an interview given before the actors’ and writers’ strike, the producers have already decided how the series will end, and the promise is that the ending will be impactful.

“I haven’t read the script. But he had already decided the end. i know how it ends and it’s impressive”, he assured.

Although he hasn’t read the script for the final episode yet, Harbor knows it’s going to be an exciting journey.

How will Stranger Things season 5 end?

stranger things
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the end of the fourth season of stranger things It provides a strong indication of what’s to come in the final batch of episodes. With the Upside Down essentially Hawkins and the real world are being raided.

The season ends with Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), Hopper and the rest of the gang viewing their steamy town. And the promise of an epic showdown to come.

stranger things showed that it’s not afraid to get punched in the stomach occasionally, with beloved characters sometimes facing grim fates. The deaths of Barb (Shannon Purser) in Season 1 and Bob (Sean Astin) in Season 2, as well as the horrific fate of Max’s (Sadie Sink) dismemberment in Season 4, make it clear that viewers may have to say goodbye . New character coming soon.

With Vecna ​​(JAMIE CAMPBELL BOWER) almost confirmed to return, some have theorized that it may take a major sacrifice from Eleven to deliver a fatal blow.

Noah Schnapp’s Will Is Also Set To Play A Major Role In Season 5 stranger thingsThe Duffers have already confirmed that their story will take center stage and be included in Season 1.

It’s not clear exactly what this means, but it’s likely that her deep connection with the Upside Down will be the key to destroying it and saving Hawkins.

While the excitement for season 5 is stranger things Despite the highs remaining, the two strikes that shut down Hollywood indicate that audiences will have to wait a little longer than planned to see how it all pans out.

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