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Have you ever asked yourself how it is that the person who is about to die gets rid of the problem in a way that you least expected? Or better yet, how many times have you seen a movie, have you seen the right one in which the protagonist emerges victorious from a problem that is nearly impossible?

today i will explain to you what they are Deus Ex MachinasThe mystery of its existence and why, even after repeating it so many times, you note them without even knowing they are there.

Let’s start with the basics:

United Nations Deus ex machina It is a narrative resource shared by literature and means of audiovisual representation such as theatre, television and cinema, which serves to resolve the confusion of a plot, at times this resource can be as unreliable as the situation itself. Stories which the protagonist faces, being completely antonymous or opposite to the situation it is intended to resolve, can become anticlimactic, carry sharp points in the plot with them, be of little satisfaction and can be of no use to anyone. May be able to change the internal meaning of the construct. On many occasions this resource may be used by the author of the work as a way to end his story, which is already within its own complexity and none of the solutions rise to the height of difficulty or depth. For the decision the author has made, he has seen an imaginary event, divine intervention, destiny, the power of love, the rose of Guadalupe, or an unusual event as the nudo or resolution to the story.

The way they are presented in stories has evolved, just like the art they follow, making it difficult for them to know what to name and identify the type of deus ex machina that is being used. was done, but what was not developed was theirs. classification.

Deus Ex Machina “Viajes En El Tiempo”

marty mcfly ,Michael J. Fox) and he doctor brown ,Christopher Lloyd) return to 1985 after preventing Marty’s children from being jailed and his family from being ruined in 2015, but to be Biff Tannon ,Thomas F. Wilson) who bet with the ephemera, 1985 al que regression no s en el que elos viven. How would you solve it? With another trip in time.

Thanos ,josh brolin) After eliminating half of the universe turned the infinity gems into atoms and for 5 years, the survivors of the Blip started a new life, but after the miraculous return the heroes of the Marvel universe did not remain silent and took revenge Want to ant Man ,Paul Rudd) From the quantum realm (we’ll talk about the rat later) you know there is a minimum expectation for everything to return to normal, ¿How? Puye is traveling in time to collect the gems again.

boris the beast ,jemaine clement) if you survived Lunar Max and instead of killing Al agent’s of 2012 (tommy lee jones) decided to go to 1968 to kill su version mas joven (josh brolin) who sends it to prison on Luna, now it Agent J ,Will Smith) should follow boris How do you do this before the Bogloditas end up on Earth? With a trip in time.

Deus Ex Machina del “Sacrificeo”

Gandalf ,Ian McKellen) is presumed dead by Anilo’s community after falling into the eternal obscurity of Moria and must now follow his journey to Mordor without the guidance of a wizard. After being captured by orcs and fleeing into Fangorn Woods, Pippin (billy boyd, or merry ,Dominic Monaghan) taken a few days before “White Magician” by Barbol aragorn ,vigo mortensen, Legolas ,Orlando Bloom) or Gimli ,John Rhys-Davies) who were following the group that led the two Hobbits to enter the forest and be reunited Gandalf, Who is it now?gandalf the whiteAfter defeating the Balrog of Moria.

harry potter ,Daniel Radcliffe) enter the Forbidden Forest so that voldemort ,Ralph Fiennes) destroy the part of his soul that resides within him, Potter dies at the hands of his greatest enemy, and when hagrid ,robbie coltrane) On the way back to Hogwarts, Potter reveals that he hasn’t had Murio since he was on the plane between life and death dumbledore ,Michael Gambon) I said that I can choose between going and returning.

After facing a hand-to-hand fight a calypso ,lucy liu, shazam ,zachary levy) is buried on Olympus by his brothers, until he can help him wonder woman ,girl gadot) revived.

night rider ,Christian BaleDropping the atomic bomb on Ciudad Gotica as a final heroic act after defeating the League of Shadows Damnation (Tom Hardy) and thalia al’gul ,Marion Cotillard), and dies in a nuclear explosion, when your mayordomo alfred pennyworth ,Michael Caine) go on vacation in Florence, your Jeff is in company at the front desk Selina Kyle ,Anne Hathaway,

Deus Ex Makina “Everything Was Part of a Plan”

Trus roberle una gran part de su fortuna a Terry Benedict ,Andy Garcia), of Pandila danny ocean ,George Clooney), now you have to face Night Zoro ,Vincent Castle) who steals the last item to satisfy his claim BenedictBut it turns out that night fox’s item is a replica, so ocean I planned that he stole the replica, while sending the original elsewhere.

Constantine ,Matt Ryan) leads the final alliance with the heroes who survived Apokolips’ carnage, ending it once and for all dark ,Tony Todd), when Apokolips dies and is resurrected, it batman ,Jason O’Mara) shows that it was planned from the very beginning that things would be like that.

Afflict takes the last memories of Snape ,alan rickman) since he was a child he had the idea of ​​entering and won voldemortHe had to succumb to the former in order to succeed, as everything was part of a plan.

Deus Ex Makina “Deadly Virus – The Miracle Cure”

Humanity is on the brink of extinction after being infected by a virus that brings you back from the dead with an insatiable thirst for brains, guts and human flesh, in this case Sankalp Soule presents himself in a different way. is, the blood of a lone individual, a serum found to have been lost in the facilities where the same virus was created, being ill and inedible, the detective in turn injects the last sample of the virus while his team searches for a cure. manufactures, etc.

Deus ex machina del “miraculous event or divine intervention”

regina george ,Rachel McAdams) is about to attack caddy heron ,Lindsey lohan) after wasting his life, nothing is mounted on the bus that stops him from going up Kadi,

after falling in battle against calypso ,lucy liu), the only way to revive shazam ,zachary levy) one is with god’s help, but they abandoned the earthly plane thousands of years ago, but wait, it’s all lost there wonder woman ,girl gadot) is a semi-idiot and is able to return to life on Olympus and Shazam.

The Pim family became an octopus after the blip and left ant Man ,Paul Rudd) Trapped in the quantum realm, after being trapped for five years and with none of the surviving heroes dissociating from their position, the protagonists manage to return after a mouse presses the quantum tunnel button and brings it back. happens, yes a rote,

There are many more like examples mentioned here but for today I think this is enough so that next time you watch a movie and consider “How will they survive then? Is this the solution? Is it the same problem over and over again and there is only one way to solve it?” You can instruct your friends or people with you about the type Deus ex machina Applicable.

Thank you very much for reading, if you know other examples, leave them in the comments, don’t forget to respond and share so that more and more movie lovers are vaccinated against excessive use of this resource.

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