Shakira asked to sing in English and less reggaeton

Shakira is one of the most influential Latin artists, and not one of the most influential. Everything he plays turns to gold, including his dismissal by his ex, Gerard Piqué, which inspired his most popular musical themes such as LA Music Session 53 with BizaRap,

Her most recent collaboration with Manuel Turizzo turned her into a very sensuous siren, who stars in empty cupHer dance on the theme of which went viral with extremely sensuous antics. Among the accolades, he also called “Erizgar” a new step in his career as Pidiarón and in music.

Her moves and attractive body made her look famous with a red top and jeans at the age of 46, but fans took aim at her musical style and what they wanted to hear after several successful hits.

“Shakira te amo perro ya sufja las collaborations con reggaetoneros mid. I hope you come back to do great collaborations and smash something that is not “urban”, “I agree, tired of solo reggaeton yes, Que Haga Collaboraciones con Cantantes Anglo, attended an event with Camila Cabello, Beyoncé etc”, he added, adding “I support Shakira in these collaborations but not anymore”.

Others returned to celebrate their new phase as singles more than a decade after the exjugador’s mediated separation from Barcelona. “Amo a la Nueva Loba”, “A Alguian Mas Le Fascina Esta Mujer?”, “Me Gusta Esta Nueva Shakira.

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La Pareja is expecting her first child after a year of their wonderful marriage.

¿Tormenta en el paradise?

Shakira is in her best professional moment but also emotional, Even though he enjoys being alone, he has found himself sharing the evening with various galleys, including Hollywood actor Tom Cruise who admitted that the Colombian chain “doesn’t know”.

While the Colombian woman is enjoying her new life in Miami, her Swedish name is a potential cause of new trouble between her former pique and the young Clara Chia Martí, who anticipates their romance.

The Spanish press “highlighted the reconciliation of the singer and her ex-husband, who had followed the court order on their sons in letter and spirit, a comment that must not have gone down well with the Catalan woman who was already in a relationship with the player”. Clara Chia, even came out against the clause put in place by Shakira to get rid of her children while they lived with their priest.

las claves

  • Shakira showed other forbidden moves at the Copa Vesia but was asked to stop collaborating with Regutoneros.
  • As a 46-year-old singer, he sang in English and “Erizgar” with other Anglo artists.

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