Reportedly, Travis Scott Skipped His Astroworld Concert Due To Deal With Apple

At the beginning of this summer, travis scott In November 2021 the public was absolved of criminal responsibility in connection with the tragic avalanche that occurred during the Astroworld Festival. The incident resulted in the untimely death of 10 fanatics and the release of many other heroes. Now, recent developments have shed light on the possible reason behind Scott’s decision to continue acting amid the chaos.

A report published by the Houston Police Department reveals a significant settlement between Scott and AppleIt detailed that the company was willing to pay Scott an impressive $4.5 million under certain conditions, one of which was recovery of the concert.

Police report shows involvement of Apple This was a last-minute decision on the program, as the company joined as a sponsor, possibly to relieve some of the financial pressure on Scott and his organization. It seems that the purpose of joining with Apple was to help pacify the goddess was spent building elaborate mountain-sized scenery. Having a new partner join so late in the game can also lead to misunderstandings about logistical matters such as the location of cameras.

Following the tragic incident, a significant public debate erupted around whether Scott should have canceled the concerts in light of the crisis in development. Some video of the incident appears to suggest that Scott may have noticed problems within the crowd and, however, the show goes on,

While some believe that it was his responsibility to prevent the incident, others believe that his talk from the stage could have made it difficult to understand the seriousness of the situation. Scott’s girlfriend, reality television star Kylie JennerHe later said that he was not aware of the magnitude of the chaos until after the concert, and that if he had known, he would have stopped the music immediately.

A recently emerged police report sheds new light on the situation, revealing that Scott had… financial incentive Enough to continue the concert. However, this revelation does not necessarily invalidate Scott’s claim that he did not fully feel or understand the gravity of the mob’s suffering. Although this new addition to the revelation may give some people a negative image of the rapist, it is not conclusive and does not necessarily change anything.

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