Provisional agreement with EU actors’ union allows independent filming

provisional accounts The following independent filming permits are in agreement with the EU actors’ union.


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Los Angeles, the feud over actors and writers that has plagued most Hollywood film and television productions since its sequel the Gladiator film with actors Lilo and Stitch. But some independent productions are still filming after reaching an agreement with the Syndicato de Actores de la Pantala-Federación Americana de Artistas de Télévision y Radio (SAG-AFTRA, in English for its acronym) that allows them to be unionized actors in the medium. Will allow to continue with. from Huelga.

According to union leaders, this is a necessary negotiating tactic, but it has also proved divisive and confusing for many people, who live in the sun protesting in the streets while movie stars like Anne Hathaway and Matthew McConaughey go to work. continue to do.

this is what you need to know about them provisional accounts Which maintains the filming of some Hollywood productions.

Actors are in a fight against studios and services streaming who are represented by the Alianza Americana de Productores de Cine y Télévisions (AMPTP, by its abbreviations in English). The alliance includes major film studios (Disney, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros.), television series (ABC, CBS, Fox and NBC) and services such as Netflix, Apple TV+ and Amazon, but also a number of independent production companies. are not affiliated with that organization and are not allowed to film with the actors during Huelga. They must accept conditions proposed by the union during negotiations, including a new minimum wage rate that is 11 percent higher than before, guarantees on the distribution of income, and protections against artificial intelligence.

These terms were rejected by the studios and streaming services, but SAG-AFTRA felt that some independent producers and smaller film studios (such as Neon and A24) were willing to accept the terms if it meant that they Shooting can follow.

The Provisional Agreement provides an empirical test that the terms we have put forward with the MPTP are not only realistic, but in fact they are desirable and can be implemented by producers in the industry.Duncan Crabtree-Ireland, SAG-Aftra’s executive director and chief negotiator, explained.

screenwriters disclaimer

On the other hand, the Screenwriters Association of the United States (WGA) has decided not to offer similar agreements. In an effort to show solidarity and a synchronization strategy, the actors’ union changed its focus and stated that provisional agreements would not be given to productions under contract with the screenwriters’ union.

The Screenwriters Union contract covers the 15 to 20 percent of productions on films and television programs that were given agreements prior to the change, and will not be canceled, but new agreements will not be given. The WGA has informed us that this amendment will help them implement their Huelga strategy, and we believe that this does not diminish the usefulness and effectiveness of our strategy.Crabtree-Ireland said. it’s a win-win change,

Over 200 productions have been approved at this time, including the comedy Rebel Wilson. bride tough; Untitled Project by Guy Ritchie; Called A Leash With Jenna Ortega And Paul Rudd death of a unicorn He thriller by Matthew McConaughey King Amaziah’s rival, and David Lowery’s Pop Stars movie mother Mary, Starring Hathaway.

The list is constantly updated on the actors’ union website, but some productions that have been granted an exception are still on hold due to solidarity. Viola Davis decides to walk away from her film g20, Despite the fact that the exemption was granted.

Crabtree-Ireland said the interim agreement has several benefits for union members. Provides a full empirical test that the conditions we seek in the negotiation are reasonabletold The Associated Press in an interview. We are aware of independent producers who say they would be happy to produce under these conditions,

It also provided work opportunities for production teams and actors, alleviating some of Huelga’s financial pressure. I added that it might attract the attention of studios.

actress of Abbott Elementary, Sherrill Lee Ralph is in line with Strategy. I must decide that provisional agreements are smartI needed the app.

But it’s controversial for some union members who are protesting in the streets and facing economic hardships, it doesn’t feel like a unified Paro.

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