Prepare for Operation September with the CrossFit straps recommended by Amazon.

Being in good physical shape is essential for a healthy lifestyle, although it is not always easy to stay in shape. Often there is not enough time or materials and gyms are very expensive.

WITH these groups are for crossfit You will be able to perform thousands of physical exercises for the whole body without leaving your home and without spending a lot of money.

There are 5 bands with different resistance so that everyone can train with the weight that suits them best. They are common in 5 weights and colors. One is lower by 4.5 kg, another by 9 kg, another stronger by 13.5 kg and, finally, two more at 18 and 22.5 kg for the most resistant.

The advantage of this product is that you can combine different weights to perform exercises with greater efficiency. For example, you can perform an exercise with 22.5 and 4.5 bands to gain up to 27 kg. And in the same way, by combining each of the 5 possible bandages, you can perform an exercise with 5 bandages together in the same way as with 67.5 kg.

The versatility that these bracelets offer you means you can turn your home into a mini gym so you can work out while watching TV, for example. Also you can take them with you abroad for outdoor sports or even take them with you to the office.

To strengthen many parts of the body

The materials are of very good quality. They are made from 100% durable latex and the highest quality metal hooks prevent them from breaking. Each band has its own resistance, indicated by weight. They have a double layer of resistance and the handles are made of sweat-resistant non-slip material.

You can make thousands of combinations trains arms, shoulders, back, legs, abs, chest, biceps…

The bag includes all 5 straps, two hand handles, two foot handles, a door handle and a bag ideal for carrying and storing tapes. They have 93% positive reviews and cost as little as 20 euros depending on the offers that Amazon applies from time to time.

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