Pedro Aznar returns to Chile to present his new album, How and when to buy tickets? – Rock and Pop

Pedro Aznar will present an unforgettable concert with the concert at Teatro Oriente, The show is part of his tour “El Mundo No Se Hijo en Dos Dios” which is already visiting the main Argentine cities as well as other countries in Latin America and Spain.

On this occasion, Aznar will arrive in the country to present all the songs that have remained silent among the Chilean public, together with the most representative themes of his new record work.

your double album “El Mundo No Se Hijo En Dos Dias”From December 2022, it consists of 20 songs, one corresponding to the day and others that are part of the day. In this material, the singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist experiments with different genres and styles, including compositions closest to his music, rock, hip hop and even reggaeton, in the song Dedicated to Your Love Forever are also included. social criticism.

Inside this disc, you can find “all about me”, the exclusive Spanish cover of John Legend’s original song, “All of Me”, which was released by Pedro Aznar last November.

The Trans-Andean singer has an award-winning career that began in 1978 when he joined the group Charlie Garcia, David LeBon and Oscar Moro, Seru Girón and also became part of the Pat Metheny Group. Since then, he has become an outstanding composer and singer-songwriter of Argentine and Latin American music, fully devoting himself to his career as a solo artist since 1993, editing Over 30 albums including studio discs, live recordings and film soundtracks,

Where and When to Buy Tickets for Pedro Aznar

Pedro Aznar’s concert will take place on November 9 and 10 at the Teatro Oriente in Providencia. Tickets range from $29,900 to $55,200 depending on region. available for purchase in puntoticket,

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