Painful Prophecies Fulfilled by Benjamin Solari Parvicini, Argentina’s “Nostradamus”: “He Will Be Attacked Twice”

Benjamin Solari Parvicini was born on August 8, 1898 in the city Buenos Aires, Argentina, In its first years, He demonstrated his natural artistic talent to the art world. Now, I’m known by her name Argentine Nostradamus.

The moment Brad Pitt predicted on camera that Margot Robbie would be Barbie and had an overwhelming reaction

The surprising incident occurred when Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie gave an interview to introduce a film in which they starred.

in his youth, I can feature your creations in the gallery Association of Friends of the Artswhere included he was then president Argentina, Marcelo T. de Alvear, He was impressed by her artistic ability.

The eerie illustrations of Nostradamus where I prophesy the misfortunes of Europe and warn the world: “The Holy Books”

Nostradamus predicted many of the most outstanding events of the XX and XXI Siglos.

infiniteism, Parvicini’s story took an unexpected turn When, at the early age of 20, I began reporting experiences of encounters with supernatural beings such as angels, ghosts and fairies.

Painful Prophecies Fulfilled by Benjamin Solari Parvicini, Argentina’s “Nostradamus”: “He Will Be Attacked Twice”

Which are the most important predictions of Parvicini

  • “The freedom of North America will lose its light. Your torch will not shine like Ayer and the monument will be attacked twice” (Attack on the Twin Towers)
  • “The heart will become artificial in the year 66” (the first heart transplant was performed in 1966).
  • “Augmented artificial motherhood” (fecundación in vitro)
  • “Con el mismo fin” (Hitler and Mussolini tied together).
  • “The papacy will have new norms, lo malo d’air it will no longer exist. Misa would be without Protestants. There would be Catholics without Protestants. The Pope will leave the Vatican on a journey and arrive in America when the Fall of Humanity takes place. (An Argentinian and little traditional papa)
  • “A bearded head will look like a saint, but it will not, it will illuminate Antillas” (Fidel Castro).
  • “El Can Ser El Primer Volador” (Perra Lyca Lanzada Fuera de la Tierra)
  • “Man will fly into the celestial spaces, he will overcome sound and he will know that the world is a low planet and he will be punished” (Spacecraft)
  • “Vienne el terror del oso que pretend love and brotherhood” (The War of Russia and Ukraine)
  • “Humans meditated, the sea would move, floods would come, the polar hulks would melt. Eje de la Tierra will return and Ecuador will be the pole” (Global Warming)

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