One year after your second ‘Si, Quiero’

Jennifer Lopez or ben affleck It’s a birthday. A year ago, the happy marriage celebrated its second wedding anniversary. Aunke El Primero, yearning for ‘Si, Quiero’, died on July 18, 2022, after an excitement I went to Las Vegas where he decided to sell his love story. with the children of the artist, Maximum or in meThey escaped to Nevada City, which marked a before and after event in his life.

The singer remembers the incident so well that he decided to translate it into a song under the title ‘Midnight Trip to Vegas’. ,I always dreamed that I would find someone like you» senla jlo en el sensillo. And I think this is real love, love that has no chance to see its five most precious treasures, its vastness, day by day. There is a lot in the house. The fruits of the actress’ relationship with Los dos Melizos Marc Anthony, and the children that ben had from his first wife jennifer garner, Purple, seraphinaor Samuel,

Pero Como Sule Pasar En Hollywood, Las Alarmas Por break the rumors He shot. This time it was due to a different gesture made by Affleck in public. The first of those was at the Grammy Awards in February 2023, where he showed himself very serious face, which according to self-confessed was due to exhaustion. otro de los grotescos succesos fue famous portazzo The actor knocked on the coach’s door after realizing that the paparazzi were following him. However, soon The possibility of separation is over,

express normal time to maximum, Both try to take out some time from their busy schedules to attend various events scheduled due to their successful careers. It is common to see them posing together on the most acclaimed red carpets of the film and music industry. it is believed among them chemical and there mutual appreciation Who managed to make the union prosperous.

Main image - Enjoying my time in Pareja
II Image 1 - Enjoying Your Time Equally
2nd image 2 - Enjoying your time as a couple
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
enjoying your time in pareja

the other one loses

The link that created history was celebrated 365 days ago, on August 20, 2022. After their first marriage, they decide to show everyone that their love has rekindled after 20 years. your first chance, Wasn’t superficial at all. Affleck and Lopez were due to marry in 2004, but two hours before that precious moment was delayed due to the media pressure to which they were subjected.

on this occasion, hundred guests The hero of the journey stayed with the couple for three days in a special place. celebrated in SavannahGeorgia, on a farm of more than 35 hectares, where the actor posed Hampton Island, His special ‘modern family’ was the protagonist as his descendants served as the pageants of the special ceremony.

On a mule next to the pier, on the banks of the North Newport River, the lovers return to reaffirm their desire to be together for the rest of their lives. were office bearers Jai Shetty, an ancient Hindu monk who was used to marrying celebrities. Talking of celebrities, well-known faces were also seen at the event. Matt Damon, Kevin Smith, Jimmy Kimmel or Patrick Whitesell,

The dominant color of the entire event was white, It is the color of perfection and purity, which may be the defining characteristics of the relationship between composer and creator. And among other shows, he highlighted the artificial flames softening the veil that would eventually enliven New Yorkers to the beat of ‘Let’s Get Loud.

asimismo, la fiesta no paro y Prepare barbacoa the next dayWhere the best anecdotes from the previous night could be commented upon and where the newly wed couple could feel uplifted while resting from the emotional hangover that the combination between champagne and the immense affection of the guests they had left behind.

They seem to have fallen short in the festivities. According to British media ‘Daily Mail’, the couple may be looking to renew their vows in a big meeting. They were planning a lavish celebration with attendants at their new Beverly Hills mansion. You’ll have to wait to find out if ‘Bennifer’ gets her second chance.

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