Nicki Minaj confirms the start of her next tour to live fans, which starts this year – music

sounds like a lie, It’s been 5 years since Nicki Minaj released her last studio album, It went on in the year 2018 when we heard ‘Queen’, and since then we haven’t stopped listening to it in some No. 1’s that have been with us. Now, back to the promenade with a new disco in hand. It will be called ‘Pink Friday 2’, and will be the sequel to her first project, thanks to which she established herself as a reference of the genre.

American rappers are resorting to a very special way to give us news. Ella uses Instagram Directs to speak directly to her followers, here comes your response and counter to the questions raised by you. So, we’ve heard the first excerpt from what will be the premiere’s official finale on November 17th. Fans have gone crazy after hearing the lyrics of a song we don’t know what it’s called, but now we can guess what it sounds like.

More details are coming our way through this much closer get-together between artist and fans. Now, Minaj has confirmed in a recent live appearance that the album’s release will not be sold as a single. The project will be accompanied by a tour where female rappers will travel to promote the work. She missma lo ha dicho, saying that: “I’ll be on tour right after my album comes out”.

it’s the only one we know of right now This tour will give a chance to exit on 17 November, Nor has it been clarified whether the tour will be a single in the United States, or vice versa, traveling around the world to promote it. It may depend on the reception of a project that we are very keen to hear.

Nicki Minaj and the ‘Barbie’ Movie

The reality of Nicki Minaj couldn’t get any better. your new project announcement joins His participation in the soundtrack of the film ‘Barbie’, Americans are lucky to be part of an album with such top stars Lizzo, Charli XCX, Ava Max, Sam Smith… and to play an “active” role in the wider footage, as BSO Suenen sings and becomes part of what is seen on the big screen.

In addition, he had a very important role as the interpreter of ‘Starships’, Watch the Trailer for Aqua’s Legendary ‘Barbie Girl’ in the Movie, This sentence could not be resolved, as there was a very important legal dispute in the 90s between the Danish singer and the Mattel company (because of the Barbie brand). However, Margot Robbie (who, apart from being a protagonist, was also a producer) won out for performing the theme in one way or another. Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice were to blame ‘Barbie World’ that we could hear in cinemas. This adaptation of the song to the current urban rhythm is very well received by the public, and even Aqua is referenced in the credits.

The audience success of the film ‘Barbie’ is being translated into song numbers as well. ‘Barbie World’ videoclip has been viewed nearly 75 million times on YouTubeAnd it doesn’t look like this trend is going to subside anytime soon.

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