NA Legends Invitational Tournament hosted by Disguised Toast

Riot Games has teamed up with popular content creator and occasional team owner Disguised Toast for an exciting two-day tournament called the NA Legends Invitational Hosted by Disguised Toast. Building on the success of a similar match during the NACL Summer Split, this tournament sees professional players compete against content creators for a chance to win a $10,000 prize as well as special Vi bracelets engraved with the winners’ names.

The four team captains of the tournament were named Afromou, Skarra, Snicki and Yassuo. These League of Legends veterans will not only showcase their skills, but also lead their teams in friendly competitions. The live stream, where the teams will gather, is scheduled for September 3 and will be broadcast on the Disguised Toast Twitch channel.

In the announcement, Zach Elliot, Director of NACL, expressed his delight in working with Disguised Toast and the growing collaboration between content creators and the League of Legends esports world. The above matchup and the success of Disguised Toast in the NACL division received huge support from the community and passionate fans.

While roster details are still scarce, Disguised Toast has hinted that the guest players are people he personally loved and saw grow up in the League of Legends scene. This tournament is a celebration of collaboration between content creators and professional players, creating a fun and competitive environment for both parties.

Hosted by Disguised Toast, The NA Legends Invitational promises to be an exciting event that brings pros and content creators together in exciting League of Legends matches. Fans can expect epic gameplay, unexpected strategies, and unique chemistry when these two realms collide.

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