Manifest Series Analysis (Season 1)

The story of Manifest begins in April 2013, when the Stone family was preparing to return to the United States after spending a few days on vacation in Jamaica. In the airport waiting room, they were surprised to learn that the plane they were about to board was overcrowded. With this, Ben (Josh Dallas), his sister, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh), and their son Cal (Jack Messina) decide to return on a flight that leaves later, while the rest of the family return home as usual. Let’s travel … Little did he imagine that boarding Flight 818 would change his life forever.

During the voyage to New York, the only incident recorded was intense turbulence which greatly frightened the passengers and caused some material damage. Things start to get awkward when the plane doesn’t get landing authorization, forcing it to divert to a nearby airport. As soon as the landing was completed, police vehicles approached the plane and the passengers realized that their cell phones had no network signal. Upon landing, everyone is surprised to learn that they had been missing for five and a half years and were presumed dead, as the authorities were unable to find information about Flight 828. However, for those who were on the plane, only a few hours had passed. What would have been the reason for this temporary break?

As they try to make sense of everything that is going on, the passengers and crew of Flight 818 find a very different world as they go about their lives while people are away. For example, Michaela learns that her mother has died and her boyfriend Jared (JR Ramirez) has married her best friend. When she returns to work in the police, she realizes that they still like each other, but now the context is very different from when he proposed to her. Ben, on the other hand, is struggling to reconnect with his family: Olive (Luna Blaze), Cal’s twin sister, is now a troubled teenager, and his wife, Grace (Athena Karkanis) is having an affair with someone else. Was going on. Due to the absence of a father, Grace’s boyfriend eventually assumes a fatherly figure of sorts for Olive.

Prior to the trip to Jamaica, Cal had been battling leukemia unsuccessfully. Now hopes are renewed due to the emergence of a new treatment based on research that was developed by Dr. Saanvi (Parveen Kaur), who was also on Flight 828. Saanvi is taken by surprise as she resumes her activities at the hospital. Find out how your scientific work is helping to save the lives of many children. Learning that Ben’s son was one of the candidates for the treatment, which was still in the final stages of research, she does everything in her power to allow Cal to pass on the project. Along the way, she reaches out to the Stones and works with them to make sense of the strange things that begin to happen.

In addition to getting used to the changes, Michaela, Ben and the others begin living with the call, a type of sound that prompts an action. Since the messages are not clear, it is not always possible to immediately understand the meaning of the messages. Cal, on the other hand, seems to have developed an acute kind of skill, he seems to be better able to handle these events and has a stronger connection to what is happening. The interesting point of this story is that anyone who is going through this type of experience has a particle in their blood that is usually associated with ischemia, and in their case the intensity is comparable to that of a person who has had a stroke. yes.

Yet in the first half of the episode, we learn that eleven passengers were being experimented on. It is not clear what the purpose of these tests is, we only know that the government is, in some way, involved in this operation. In the final part, a new element is introduced into the plot, which expands on the events related to Flight 828 and gives us some bizarre scenes, such as a man vomiting massive amounts of water. first year of Manifesto ends dramatically and its implications will only be explored in the second season. I don’t really like this option to interrupt a scene, despite it being somewhat frequent in the industry, I prefer it when the writers build up the audience’s expectations through more detailed conclusions.

final thoughts

impossible not to compare Manifesto With Lost, a series that quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. Although they have different propositions, both attractions have a plane as the focal point, which makes the narrative style similar at times, such as the use of flashbacks to depict the past of the characters. In this type of production, it is necessary to have charismatic heroes so that the interest of the public is maintained in the supernatural plot. lost However, I knew how to do it very well Manifesto Fails in this regard: With the exception of Ben and Michaela, the rest can’t stand it and some are even annoying.

The premise of the missing plane landing more than five years after takeoff is a really interesting one, but several other elements were added to the story over the course of the episode without clarifying what the narrative arcs tie into. In other words, instead of giving us some answers, the story’s universe expanded. My fear is that in the future the series will not be able to explain everything that was created, something that often happens in works of this genre. I really hope that in the second season some plot elements will become clear to the audience.


★★★☆☆ – 3 – Good

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