Lumali from Super Mario Bros.: La Estrella Azul

With the recent delivery of “Super Mario Bros.: La Pellicula,” fans of the emblematic Fontanero have found a new favorite character: Lumali. But, what’s the story behind this bright blue star in video games? Join us on this tour.

Lumali: A star who debuted in 2007

The Lumali of the Luma species made their first appearance in the video game “Super Mario Galaxy”. Lumas are celestial beings who play an important role in Mario’s space travel, and Lumali is known as a “merchant” who offers our hero useful items and coins to exchange for.

┬┐Lumali en la Gran Pantalla?

While Lumali got his start in video games, his participation in “Super Mario Bros.: The Pelicula” captivated the public. And on the ground this blue star shines in the universe which has one peculiarity: its depressive phrases which create an impact on the narrator and the audience.

A heroic journey in “Super Mario Bros.: La Pellicula”

The film centers on brothers Mario and Luigi crossing paths in an attempt to rescue Princess Peach, held captive by Bowser. An adventure full of challenges, enemies and of course, unforgettable characters.

star cast

With the voices of great actors like Chris Pratt and Anya Taylor-Joy, Strap delivers an immersive experience that combines video game essence with Hollywood talent.

Where to watch it?

Although there are no details on its availability on streaming platforms, Peruvian cinemas continue to present this successful film to the delight of film fanatics.

conclusion ending

“Super Mario Bros.: La Pellicula” is a tribute to the classic video games and their characters, including Lumali, who has proven to be much more than a simple star in Mario’s sky.

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