Lizzo breaks her silence and dismisses her former dancers’ “incredible” allegations

Washington, 3 East (EFE).- American singer Lizzo has broken her silence and defended herself against the “incredible” allegations of three former dancers of her team, who were condemned for alleged sexual harassment and created an atmosphere . hostile act.

In a message on social networks, the interpreter of “Truth Hurts” explained that the past few days have been “devastatingly difficult” and “extremely disappointing” for him.

“The morality, ethics and honor of my work have been questioned”, lamented the artist, who said that normally he does not have to respond to “false allegations”, but on this occasion the allegations were so “unbelievable” and reprehensible” that he does not want to let it pass.

“These sensationalized stories come from instances that have already publicly acknowledged that their behavior during the tour was inappropriate and unprofessional”, Lizzo explained.

The ex-dancers on her team, who have been censured, allege that the singer—who has repeatedly spoken out in favor of respecting body diversity—made comments about one of them gaining weight and taking enadierone. , who experienced sexual, religious, and other episodes of sexual abuse. Racial harassment while at the company.

Lizzo indicated in her statement that as an artist she takes her works and her music very seriously, and that her passion for what she does comes with “hard work and high standards”.

He says, “At times I have taken tough decisions, but it is not my intention to make anyone feel uncomfortable, who is not considered an important part of my team.”

I also said that she doesn’t want to see herself as a victim, but neither as the “villain” that she claims has been portrayed by people and the media over the past few days.

“I am very open about my sexuality and expressing myself – I continued -, but I cannot accept or allow people to use that openness to make me something I am not” .

Lizzo assures that there is nothing that is taken more seriously than the respect that “women in the world deserve”: “I know how it feels when they shame you for your body one day and criticize or fire an employee weighs in on it”.

The singer asked to feel here, but subroyo que no va a deserter que “el buen trabajo” que ha ha hecho que ensombrecido por este episode.

Lizzo ended her message by thanking everyone who showed their support for comforting her “during this difficult time”.

In the claim, it is alleged that the interpreter openly questioned the virginity of one of the complainants during the recording of the Telerelidad program or that one of the plaintiffs was pressured against her will by Lizzo and her team in Amsterdam so that he could touch her. Among other things, the neck of a dancer in a strip club.

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