Leonardo Dicaprio. ASI will finance a grant to visit the primary school where Grupo Milenio is studying

Leonardo Dicaprio will fund scholarships and an environmental education program at a primary school located in University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) where he himself was a student, he said, Martes el actor y la Universidad.

leonardo dicaprio gown background and Climate Justice Education Program next school year starts Elementary UCLA Lab School,

“You were fortunate to attend Lab School because of generous contributions from UCLA donors, and My experience profoundly changed my view of the worldDiCaprio said in a statement.

“makes me angry I have the opportunity to bring my experience to those who would otherwise miss out, and help build a program that will serve to guide the next generation of climate warriors.

the purpose of the school Provide innovative educational technologies for your studentsThose whose age ranges from 4 to 12 years, which can be studied by external teachers.

The DiCaprio grant fund will support students who need the financial aid the actor received when he was a child and attended the 1980s, as well as promote the school to maintain the diversity it seeks Are. About 40% of its students are in need of financial aid.

,This Scholarship Fund Will Give Many Kids Like Leo Leo Access to UCLA Lab School“, He says Dr. Eric AsrelianProfessor in the Department of Health Sciences at UCLA and a longtime friend of DiCaprio.

In addition, a new independent environmental education program will attempt to teach students from kindergarten to sixth grade about the science behind climate change and the politics and leadership needed to address it. The school has sought to use its location next to a stream in the middle of Sequoia on the University of Los Angeles campus, to become a practical location for environmental education.

DiCaprio, 48, has been a longtime ecologist.

Esrelian said the program will “position kids in lab school and beyond more sustainable and healthier lives for them and our planet,

The donation amounts behind the programs have not been made public, but school officials have said that several generations of students will be the recipients of the donations.

“Increasing access to high-quality education and helping young people recognize the need to protect our planet are fundamental goals for our institution,” UCLA Rector Jean Block said in a statement.

DiCaprio, who has been awarded the Oscar, has worked in films like Titanic, Wipe out a waze… Hollywood or Rebirthwill appear in the next assassins of the flower moonBy frequent director Martin Scorsese.


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