Leonardo DiCaprio and Mick Jagger together in Ibiza

Leonardo DiCaprio and Mick Jagger together in Ibizalm


Mick Jagger or Leonardo Dicaprio Han enjoyed together on the island ibiza, Rock StarWho recently celebrated his 80th birthday in London and the actor spent a few days of isolation on the island. Last week.

During their vacation they shared a trip on a yacht through the crystalline Ibizan waters. They got off the Zodiac to have dinner at a famous restaurant in the Kaila Jondal area.

Mick Jagger arrived by helicopter to the island and spent four days relaxing in Ibiza but also enjoying a villa party.

This is the third time DiCaprio has been shot by paparazzi in Ibiza this summer. During your walk with Jagger, DiCaprio tried to go unnoticed all the time, Cover your face with a baseball cap while closing your eyes. Both dressed casually, with DiCaprio wearing a white T-shirt, short gray pants and white zapatillas, and Jagger wearing a black printed shirt and address and a white hat.

They were accompanied on the boat trip by several of DiCaprio’s friends, who traveled with him to the island.

in early August, DiCaprio was also photographed with Tobey Maguire in Ibiza., The two actors, who were close friends years ago, landed together at Jondal in a zodiac-type speedboat, accompanied by several friends and their guardians.

DiCaprio was spotted with 22-year-old model Meghan Roche in early June., During those days, the actor and model dined together at the restaurant Moli de Sal de Formentera and spent the day aboard a luxurious 108-meter-long ship.

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