LCS: NRG ends Cloud9 reign and becomes champion

NRG completed their first LCS split in style by defeating Cloud9 3-1 to become the Summer 2023 Champion.

After months of exciting matches, we finally have a new king of professional League of Legends competition in North America. N.R.G. made a stylish return to the LCS and ended Cloud9’s reign with a 3-1 win in the final to become the 2023 Summer Tournament champion in his first split.

N.R.G. He returned to North America’s premier LoL tournament in style, becoming a champion because after buying Counter Logic Gaming’s quota, the organization created a project looking to dominate the summer tournament. Good results do not stop them, and they are not content with being among the first to qualify for the 2023 World Cup, but they also point to the leader and put an end to dominance Cloud 9 in LKS.

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NRG Champion

In this series, both teams have been looking for aggressive play since the beginning of the first game, forcing matchups to achieve early goals by trading dragons. However, a couple of fights in the dragon zone gave a slight advantage Cloud 9 who knew how to capitalize on the difference in gold in his favor in order to put pressure on the opponent and better control the map. Although N.R.G. Alma braced himself, trying to extend the match so his squad could escalate, it wasn’t enough to stop the Nube team, who went 1-0 at five against five in the Baron Nashor area.

The second game started much slower, both teams focused on getting resources in the first minutes, but N.R.G. he knew how to handle the card better early in the game, getting to Alma’s point in the 18th minute. Black carries took the opportunity to boost his snowball effect to get the necessary pressure that allowed him to stay with Baron Nashor. Yes, sure Cloud 9 He managed to save some losses by forcing a couple of fights, it was not enough to recover. WITH Christian “Palafox” Palafox led by leveling the score.

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Already in the third match of the series, NRG controlled the early game, using their lineup, forcing team fights around the first goals of the game. Cloud 9 He was looking for hits on the sidelines that allowed him to hold the golden score without much separation, equaling the dragons that the opponent had. However, this was not enough to stop the aggressiveness of the blacks, who continued to insist on keeping Baron Nashor and Quimtek Soul. Kai’Sa Jan Victor “FBI” Huang was a key player for his team. put yourself on the championship map.

forced to win Cloud 9 He came out with everything to look for an advantage from the first minutes, but N.R.G. He did not give up positions and survived in the most even start in the entire series. Fight in the middle lane, positioning error penalty from Kim “Berserk” Min Chul gave the blacks the first baron in the match. With a bonus at his disposal, Juan “Contractz” Garcia He forced a fight in the opponent’s nexus, to which the Cloud team managed to react in a good way, extending the match. C9 bet on Nashor and while he retained the buff, the opponents swept the field and retained the championship.

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