Karol G, Shakira, Quevedo, U2… Canarias, the favorite plateau of super sales

Only six songs have accumulated over 1,000 million views on YouTube music videos recorded in canary scene It is the best example to understand the important role that these productions currently play in the audiovisual development of the archipelago and, in particular, in the economic development of small and medium-sized companies in the region, which are normally larger Missed shooting. done in the islands.

ProvenceTheme by Colombian artist Karol ji whose videoclip was filmed in Lanzarote and has over 811 million views; playa del inglesIn quevedowhich adds 102 million reproductions on YouTube, adding to this figure respectively 31 and almost two million achieved by the Grancanario interpreter, el tonto -Near Lola Indigo– Y Colombia, recorded in Gran Canaria; 56 million countries that reach on a single platform shakira Thief don’t waitwhich was shot in Tenerife, exactly better than the real thingIn u 2which has also been filmed on the island and has accumulated 2.6 million visits to the popular website, tops the list of successful musical productions filmed in the Canary Islands, whose video Common manSubject submitted by Spanish-Argentine artist Jordana BWhose clip plays on Lanzarote.

“Since 2019, the Gran Canaria Film Commission has become aware of the growing interest that the island has awakened in the music industry as a platform for recording videos of the songs of its artists”, explains Nuria Guinot, One of which is the professionals in front of this department belonging to the Sociedad de Promoción Economica del Cabildo de Gran Canaria whose management depends directly on that institution.

The most responsible of the cannery fauna did not allow themselves to be dazzled by the talent that provided international superproductions such as Allies hey Mother, The casts of the two projects that filmed on the island were led by Brad Pitt and Jennifer Lopez, respectively.

To meet the urgency of these projects, the Gran Canaria Film Commission has introduced an annual filming permit which has already been copied in Lanzarote.

“It was clear that we should also clarify and facilitate specific measures to support professionals specializing in this type of work, which generates a significant amount of work and business activity”, referencing the rest of the companies. Don’t forget who is benefiting from providing services for these shoots such as dedicated services for technical equipment rental, means of transportation, catering, model agencies, make-up artists and hairdressers, stylists…

After understanding the characteristics of recording music videos – and also editorials of advertising campaigns – “which are more immediate and cannot be controlled by the same deadlines as great cinematographic productions, for example, the processing of permissions to rotate”. , explains Guinot, One of the measures I have taken to speed up the Cabildo de Gran Canaria in 2019 is one of the most appreciated by Grancanarias producers, notifying only 48 hours in advance in natural locations, setting a record for the environment is allowed annually. the island “with the aim of not only avoiding any environmental damage but also of keeping a tighter control over the number of people participating in each race”. in that sense, Lanzarote has copied this annual license model. And the authorities of the other islands of the archipelago finalize their approval.

hundreds of companies on average

There are currently over half a hundred audiovisual companies in the Canary Islands. Specialist in Music Video Recording, activity that is combined with other campaigns such as advertising campaigns. All of them stand out for their quality and speed of work, in addition to Tinerfena La Penca Films, Grancanarias Magnetic Films and Chocolatx, the latter directed by Saote ST, DJ, producer and head of execution of many music videos of Cayo La Noche. , the historic group of Canarian interpreters formed by La Pantera, Quevedo, Jusef, Bejo, Abhir Hathi, Cruz Cafuen and El IMA, which, with the success of Cayo la Noche in 2022, placed the Canarias in the first line of the international scene of urban rhythms. .

Of course, without the figure of Saote ST, there are those who doubt that Quevedo, the world famous singer and composer, is the partner and friend of the artist. Quiz, Habijs captures Pelotazo which is finally achieved. In 2020, this professional GranCanario signed only 19 music videos created in the Canary Islands, many of them turning into viral phenomena.

Only six music videos filmed in the Canary Islands have accumulated over a thousand million replications on platforms such as YouTube, a trend that is currently benefiting from the worldwide success achieved by Canary Island artists who, without complicity, have created their own Work on islands with audiovisual projects

“I knew him when he had 2,000 followers on Instagram and I saw raw talent in him”, Sot St recalled in an interview. Los 40, “My concern was really how would I use these tools to get there, because you can have the best talent in the world, but if you don’t have the drive and the consistency, nothing will help you” , he said earlier. Recognizing that in Quevedo “for the first time I found someone who thought and acted faster than me”.

For those who have been consulted, it is somewhat daring to assess how much of an influence the success of Quevedo, among others, has had, especially as he has recorded music videos for his songs in the Canary Islands, including The islands have been turned to national and international interpreters. Among the desired natural platforms for the production of these audiovisual pieces, the clip which, moreover, is the root of the pace of consumption that prints the gluttony of social networks and platforms streamingThis forces artists to continually nurture the market and thus satisfy the demand of their adoring followers.

This trend has also given rise to distinguished international professionals from the audiovisual scene in the Canary Islands, such as Warren Fu, the director of Shakira’s music videos. don’t waitRecorded on the islands by a producer who also directed parts of it weekend, Daft Punk, Pharrell Williams, the strokes, killers, Hayley Williams, mark ronson and, among others, Julian Casablancas,

More than half a hundred producers of the archipelago specialize in filming music clips

“It is a pleasure to see people like Warren Fu working, who are a world reference in this field. Of everything they do”, believes a Canary Islands technician specializing in music videos, “You Learn Mogollon”.

Regarding the potential exposure that is specifically considered for Gran Canaria and the Canarias in general, he believes that young Canarian artists refer to places and locations of the archipelago in their works, Nuria from the Gran Canaria Film Commission Guinot, is cautious, remembering that “yes in the 90s of the 20th century, groups like Los Coquilos sang their themes in Playa de las Canteras”.

“It is true that currently, with the reach and prevalence of social networks, the scenario is different but I believe that the level of professionals in this field, apart from the initiatives launched by the institutions, also plays an important role. is “, says Guinot, who has a rich horizon in the archipelago thanks to these audiovisual productions linked to the music industry.

Faced with this new scenario, companies in the Canary Islands related to this activity are showing “great optimism” according to the recognition, but stressing that “all facilities are few”. lo habitual es recibir ese kind Proposal “From today to tomorrow”He assures, “And we must continue to embrace this demand because on many occasions it leads us to disintegration, there is no room for manoeuvre, and we are left with only source of income as well as external propagation of goodness.” Might as well lose a tool for.” of the archipelago”.


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