Johnny Depp Makes Peace With Disney And His Return As Jack Sparrow Is Closer Than Ever Because “Anything Is Possible”

Johnny Depp Vows To Never Play A Mythical Character, But Seems Like Everything Goes Right Every Time

There are many films that take years and even decades to come out, but this is less common with a new delivery of a successful franchise. However, the case of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ is special because it is a legal dispute Johnny Depp Thief Amber Heard This has been important for Elo. The actor vowed he would never play Jack Sparrow again disney No matter how much you paid, everything has changed and we’re never going back to Adventure Saga.

“If the project is right, it will happen”

We began to read that something could happen when Disney curiously left the door open for Depp’s return: stating there was no commitment Now for that. The very fact of not dismissing it out of hand has led people to think that they were trying to change the mind of the protagonist of ‘Miedo y Esco en Las Vegas’.

I’m sure this is what prompted the actor to drop a source near the filtered actor. About a possible new collaboration with Disney What “Anything is possible. If the project is correct, it will be,

For now, producer jerry bruckheimer He has commented on several occasions that he would be happy to have Depp back, and he always felt that the difficulties in creating a convincing script were mainly in knowing whether he could ‘not’ include Jack Sparrow. Are.

If Depp’s return is ultimately successful – maybe the actor simply didn’t want to make that film, but he’d have no problem returning to collaborate with Disney on another project -, the next thing to know is whether How to handle the potential reappearance of other characters. For example, Orlando Bloom was pleased at the prospect of giving Will Turner a second lease of life, but Keira Knightley I’m not at all interested in reprising Elizabeth Swann’s character.

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