Jak and Daxter may have a movie with Tom Holland and Chris Pratt

Multiple Rumors Hint That There Could Be A Live Action Adaptation Of Jak And Daxter

with movies like Super Mario Bros. or Sonic, as well as The Last of Us series, we can see that videojuegos conversions are the order of the day on the big screen. another example of this The recently announced adaptation of the popular Steam title, Slime Rancher, which would be the subject of its own cinematographic version. However, this may not be the only foray of video games onto the big screen in the coming years. Jak & Daxter, a Naughty Dog video game, is at the center of the latest rumors about a possible adaptation.


para que no lo konozka, Jak and Daxter is a series of video games developed by Naughty Dog consisting of three main installments as well as several spin-offs. The plot follows the adventures of Jack, a young elf-like figure, and Daxter, a kind godmother.

jack and dexter

Thus, accounting for MyTimeToShineHello DX has raised hopes considerably by saying that Jak and Daxter could be carried over to the live action format with Tom Holland and Chris Pratt as the protagonists.S, two of the most outstanding actors of the current cinematographic landscape. In a potential Jak and Daxter film, Tom Holland will play Jak, while Chris Pratt will play Daxter.

jack and dexter

recently, Both actors have brought to life other iconic characters from the world of video games: Tom Holland plays Nathan Drake in the live-action adaptation of Uncharted, while Chris Pratt Fontanero voices Super Mario in the film.

The project to bring Jak and Daxter to the big screen doesn’t stop there, because Rumors also spread that the real-life film would be directed by Ruben Fletcher, Known for directing films like Welcome to Zombieland (2009) or Venom (2018)and also to guide its conversion Unknown (2022).

So far, Sony has neither confirmed nor denied the veracity of the rumor about an adaptation of Jak and Daxter, but both Tom Holland and Ruben Fleischer have made previous comments about the film that seem to support this speculation. and supports. However, It should be noted that this theory is only based on rumors and for the time being, fans of the saga shouldn’t hold out too much hope from it.

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