J Balvin publishes his oldest photos: ¿Lo riconocerias? , LOS40 Urban

J Balvin He is undoubtedly one of the most important faces of the urban music industry internationally. His songs have traveled around the world and inspired a new generation of artists who have shared their talents internationally.

But our mayors have already been warned: nothing falls from the sky All rewards come through effort. And if you don’t say it from the same J Balvin, who wanted his followers to remember the saying with a gallery of the most nostalgic photos.

“Nostalgia… 🙏 Live beautiful moments that were worth learning from. We are the result of the past.”, says the artist in the description of the publication. In the pictures we see a very young Balvin in his old house, which looks like brand new. would you recognize it?

As expected, the pictures have created a veritable revolution on social media. The artist’s myriad fans and fellow professionals didn’t take long to share their reactions amid the replies. Justin Quiles says “the aborigines in the last picture killed me”. “No nostalgia, papa. To remember is to live, brother”, says one of his followers. “Exemplo de superación y acito”, “A lion que lo achieved” and “Proud of you” are other comments that can be read.

your new projects

While J Balvin was away from the set and lights for a few months, he’s back with more hunger and ambition than ever. In fact, a few days ago he confirmed that he is going to release an album with Ed Sheeran and it will be released in 2024. “It happened in an organic, natural way. We met, had coffee, crossed paths at the same gym, at the hotel”, announced in an interview with Nylon. And on the ground, this is the only thing that ensures that this project will be special because it is going to merge two worlds.

You’ll have to wait to find out more about what the Colombians are up to. But it is clear that he remains one of the most relevant figures in the urban music scene internationally. Which one is your favorite of all your songs?

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