It’s not just Demi Lovato who has already poured her heart out! See the most shocking revelations made by the artists in their songs

  • grosby group demi lovato is one of the singers pop Dearest today. And as successful as she is around the world, some of the news surrounding the singer isn’t all that great. Demi suffered an overdose on July 24, 2018 and was between life and death, mainly because of the speed of the emergency service and the rescue workers who took care of her that fateful night. The picture was so alarming that, even a few days after being admitted to the hospital, the singer had complications such as fever and signs of infection. Fortunately, the artist has already been discharged and received the necessary care in a rehabilitation clinic. But this whole story started with music Serious, released by Demi on June 21, almost a month before the overdose. In the song, she admits that she is no longer sober after six years of abusing drugs and alcohol. The chorus says the following: Mom, I’m sorry I’m not sober anymore / And dad please forgive me for the drink that fell on the floor / For those who never gave up on me / We’ve been through this before / I’m so sorry / I. i’m not cool anymore, Below, check out the most controversial revelations artists have made in their lyrics!

  • Disclosure Last Friday, the 19th, the album was released Holy FVCK Demi Lovato commented on the song 29 About a relationship with a big age difference in a relationship. Fans of the artist soon interpreted this as a reference to her ex-boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama, who is 12 years older than the singer. In the song, Demi talks about what it’s like to be in a relationship at such a young age. In the letter she says: Petals on the Vine, Too Young to Drink Wine / Only Five Years of Bleeding, Student and a Teacher / Far from Innocent, What’s Consent? / The Numbers Didn’t Tell You, But That Didn’t Stop You,

  • Disclosure Born on October 17, 1972, Eminem has made many controversial statements in his songs before – as is the case with the song alert, leading fans to speculate that the singer talks about premature ejaculation to none other than Mariah Carey. God!

  • A lot has already been said about the relationship between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. even more after rapper In the song he admits to cheating on his ex-wife hurricanefrom their new album donda, In the song, he also told that he was battling alcohol addiction.

  • Kanye West’s controversies revealed… He introduced the track on August 11, 2021 xtcyannounced by surprise, containing an embarrassing rhyme to say the least: Do you have bad thoughts? / I have more / Do you have a sister-in-law that I would like to fuck? / i have four of them, It is worth remembering that, at that time, rapper He was married to Kim Kardashian, and his sisters-in-law were Kourtney Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Kylie Jenner.

  • Disclosure BeyoncĂ© releases album lemonade on 23 April 2016. on track apologize The singer exposed her husband’s betrayal rapper Jay Zee. Apparently, the musician may have cheated on her with a white woman, who is yet to be identified Internet, Bey states the following: Judging by the clock, she should be home by now / Today I regret the night I wore that ring / She always has lame excuses / I pray to God she tells the truth, Here you will understand why we specified the skin color of Jay-Z’s mistress: They sneak out the back door / He only wants me when I’m not there / He better call Becky with the nice hair,

  • Jay-Z’s response to the disclosure came on June 30, 2017. family Feud from album 4:44 it’s practically a confession rapperThe one who accepted the betrayal committed by him: Yeah, if they let me / Leave me alone I ruin the good stuff, Becky / A man who doesn’t take care of his family can’t be rich,

  • Justin Timberlake’s Debut Album Revealed, To Be Called Justifiedwas released on 5 November 2002. Song cry Me A RiverWhich has become quite famous, it tells about the betrayal by the ex-girlfriend of the singer. This suggests that the infidelity may have been committed by none other than Britney Spears: You don’t have to say what you did / I already know, I found out through him / There ain’t no chances for you and me now / There never will be / And doesn’t it make you sad?

  • album disclosure ScorpionReleased June 29, Drake takes over the track emotionless Who has a child with a porn actress: I was not hiding my son from the world / I was hiding my son from the world, Furthermore, he quotes billie jeanmichael jackson song on music March 14Also to talk about the child: She ain’t my girlfriend like Billie Jean, but baby is mine / Sandy used to tell me everything happens once, and everything that happens happens once / Shit, we only meet twice, twice, he says, referencing his mother, Sandy Graham. There is so much more: I used to defy my parents in every album / Now I’m ashamed to tell them I’ve had a child out of wedlock / I always promised a family together / I wish it was different ’cause I been through,

  • exposure-tv globo On 11 December 2015, Manu Gavasi released a ep called Addiction, one of the songs, titled Farce, reportedly talks about her ex-boyfriend, actor Chai Suede. But the song is about more than angst about the breakup, as Manu reportedly reveals in the song that Chai broke up with him after she became successful: Relax, I’m not going to reveal your deception / No one will know / Relax, I’m no longer a part of this deception / No one will know that two months ago you cried / Begged me and I Told to stop / Don’t even pretend it’s over the top now and you don’t have to worry / But rest assured, you hide it very well, my dear / Your fake,

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