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In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of environmental and climate challenges, the voices of those championing conservation and sustainability rise with strength. One of these passionate defenders is a famous actor mark ruffalowho have recently spoken on a matter of vital importance in Ecuador: the security of YasuniAn important point of world biodiversity.

El Yasuni, a region in the heart of the Ecuadorian Amazon, is a treasure trove of immense ecological value, as it is home to an astonishing diversity of both plant and animal species. However, this natural paradise is under threat from fossil fuel exploitation, a situation that has raised concern and activism around the world. RuffaloAn ardent advocate of climate action, has joined the fight to preserve this invaluable ecosystem.

In a recent tweet, the actor who is the epitome of personality big ship I highlighted the historic opportunity that the Ecuadorian people faced in Eyre’s election day, holding a referendum in which citizens were likely to score a hit in the democratization of climate action. voting decision Yes Al Yasouni represented a vote for the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems, and a declaration of intent in favor of a sustainable and responsible approach to development.

Along with a picture of the national park, the artist invited his followers to support the conservation of the place and join the environmental cause.

jason momoaknown for his role in aquaman And in a nod to his commitment to environmental issues, he has joined the cause by sharing a powerful message on Instagram, uniting his forces. mark ruffalo in a call to action.

In his post on Instagram, momoa Shared an inspiring quote: “There is no path to peace; Peace is the way.” But beyond words, his message focused on the fact that Yasuni National Park is also home to the Tageri, Taromenen and Dugakeri, indigenous peoples who have chosen to live in voluntary isolation and who may be harmed by oil extraction.

“They are threatened by the presence of the fossil fuel industry. We admire the leadership of Ecuador and appreciate the opportunity for Ecuadorians to vote for Yasuní”, he shared.

Leonardo Dicaprio He also sent the same message to his social networks, but he also explained the consequences in case the numbers win: “Companies propelled by the fossil fuel sector are darkening this vital ecosystem, leading to massive deforestation and loss of species. There is a risk of damage. Las Implications Sun Terriels”.

dicaprio It is globally known as an ardent protector of the environment. Through its foundation, it Leonardo DiCaprio FoundationHas been involved in many initiatives and conservation projects around the world, with a focus on protecting biodiversity, fighting against climate change and promoting clean and sustainable energy.

famous mexican actors Gael Garcia Bernal He has demonstrated a deep commitment to social causes and activism throughout his career. Apart from his talent in acting, Garcia Bernal It has used its platform to lobby on a variety of issues ranging from human rights to social and environmental justice.

For that reason, I gave a motivational speech that talks about his Yasuni, climate change point: “When we go back, we will see Yasuni’s victory as an awakening. We will look back on this moment as the moment we stop destroying our Mother Tierra and start honoring and protecting her.

Finally, with 93.02% valid minutes checked, he Yes The popular consultation on releasing oil underground in the so-called ITT Block (43) within the Yasuní National Park was approved with 59.99% of the votes cast. Asana for No secured 41.01%. The decision will force the Ecuadorian state to progressively phase out previously registered oil operations in the region. (And)

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