“If the project is right then it will be done”

DEsde El Final Del Juicio Entre Johnny Depp and Amber HeardSeveral rumors suggested that Disney may reverse its decision to veto the American actor and, therefore, deprive him of any projects related to his character. Captain Jack Sparrow and ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’. It can change drastically after the final filtration on the topic.

Depp himself came to speak after the decision of the trial with his ex-wife Denied Returning to Disney, even if they paid a lot of money. However, time could heal everything and the actor could be one step closer to reprising one of the most important roles of his career.

Johnny Depp’s return depends on the project

Apparently, a source close to the interpreter has announced about Depp’s possible participation in ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’. “Anything is possible. If the project is right, it will happen”expressed, as espinof collects.

He was repeatedly told by producer Jerry Bruckheimer that he should take care of this. “We’re still working on it. nothing is certain yetBut we keep taking small steps towards a script”, I dread the progress regarding the sixth installment of the saga.

Added in regards to a possible return of Johnny Depp to Disney’s belt, “the future is still to be decided”. However, nor is the script finished There are no talks yet with the actor, which is why ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 6’ is on the air, as well as the participation of the iconic Jack Sparrow.

One of the names you won as the main hero margot robbiewhose record is one of Disney’s great hopes, who PoĆ© dos guyones, uno con ella y otro sin ellaAs Bruckheimer himself confirmed a few months ago when questioned on the new film.


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