How to get Diancie and Mega Diancie in Pokémon GO

Players Pokémon GO will be able to add DianciJewel Pokémon and his Mega Evolution in his Pokédex during an event Pokémon GO Festival 2023.

However, not all players will be able to get Dianci right away.

Only players who purchase a ticket to the Pokémon GO Fest 2023 global event will be able to find and catch this new Pokémon. Other players will probably have to wait a bit before they can add Dianci to your collection.

How to get Dianci in Pokémon GO

To get to Dianci in Pokémon GO, you must have entry to the Pokémon GO Fest 2023 global event. Dianci.

although at the beginning Dianci will only be available to players who purchase a GO Fest ticket, it will most likely be available to all players at a later date, similar to how other Pokémon debuted at previous GO Fest events such as shiymin.

How to Mega Evolve Dianci and get Dianci Mega Energy in Pokémon GO

Mega evolve into Dianci In Pokémon GO, you need 300 Dianci Mega Energy. This Mega Energy can be obtained by completing the GO Fest 2023 Special Research.

In addition, additional Dianci Mega Energy can be obtained by winning 2-star raids in carbink during a GO Fest event or through certain missions such as finding a new friend or sending gifts.

It is assumed that Mega Dianci At some point in the future, it will appear in Pokémon GO raids for all players, however, it is not known when this will happen. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Diancie and Mega Diancie, valuable new additions to Pokémon GO

So much Dianci like his Mega Evolution Mega Dianci they are valuable additions to Pokémon GO. Dianci brings a new Rock/Fairy-type Pokémon, a unique combo, while Mega Dianci it promises to be one of the strongest Mega Pokemon in the game.

Players who manage to capture and Mega Evolve Dianci you can enjoy these new additions in raids, gym battles and other game modes. Those who cannot receive Dianci during GO Fest 2023, they will probably have to wait a bit to add this unique Jewel Pokémon to their collection.

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