How many times can plastic bottles be reused?

Many people use plastic water bottles over and over again, either to avoid participating in the already excessive consumption of plastic or to save money on buying bottles.

However, this custom also has its dangers, as it can be harmful to health with time.

wash with soap

The biggest problem lies in accumulation microorganisms in a container. The only way to remove them wash with soap, which implies, subsequently, a thorough rinse. However, this practice can also damage the bottle, resulting in cracks where bacteria and fungi will settle, coming both from our mouth and from the environment and which in the long term can cause pathologies. And the fact is that bacteria thrive in humid places and they adhere better to plastic than to other types of materials.


In addition, we must take into account that some plastic bottles, although few, have bfa, a chemical that is harmful to children and pregnant women and contributes to diabetes and thyroid disease, and increases fragility in the face of breast or prostate cancer. However, amounts are tinySo no need to panic.

There is no set number of times a bottle can be reused. Just keep in mind that the more times you do this, the more times you come into contact with bacteria and toxins that accumulate and therefore you have a greater risk of them eventually affecting your health. According to experts, to avoid any minor setbacks, should not be filled out more than twice.

urban legend

The theory that the number inside the triangle with arrows on the bottle is the number of times it can be reused urban legend. This number indicates what type of plastic it is, since each of them has a specific number.

If you want to reuse bottles, it’s best to use those made from metal or glass. With these materials, we will have no problems with plastic. There is also another type of bottle made from a material that is lighter than glass and non-toxic. Near creakycollapsible bottle made of polypropylene.

Companies warning

Some water bottling companies warn on their labels that the bottle should not be refilled, but in this case, the reason is different. warning done so that no other liquid is added that is toxic and later we get confused, thinking it’s water and we drink it.

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In fact, water companies claim that drinking refilled water does not pose any health problem, although they do not want to do this in order to avoid fraud in possible lawsuits, since companies only take care of the problems associated with the first packaging.

Wash your hands before filling

First of all, we should never trust a bottle that we have not filled ourselves. In addition, it must be taken into account that should be protected from sunlightkeep away from aggressive odors and store in a cool and dry place, and wash your hands before filling.

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