Fnatic borders on a miracle and returns to DRX

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The best VALORANT in the world made a splash in Los Angeles. VALORANT Champions 2023 is heating up with some very interesting matches. Today we have one more step for the last representative of our region, EMEA. Fnatic will have to live up to what is expected of them and beat a great team like DRX in the 00:00 match.

The European team slowly but without pause continues to fight for the lower bracket. After losing 2-0 to LOUD in the first round of the playoffs, they started their journey from the bottom and they did it by beating their regional comrades, the guys from FUT, without too much trouble. However, they will have to take one more step today as DRX have proven themselves to be a team with magical abilities that could be title contenders.

Shortly before that, in the game at 21:00, we will have LOUD, the reigning world champion, who will go all out to stay alive in this tournament as well. He will do it against EDward Gaming, the last living Chinese team that is not going to make life easier for the Brazilian team. It will also be a very intense all-or-nothing matchup where LOUD will have to earn their right to fight for everything from the bottom side of the draw after losing to Paper Rex.

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