Drake buys 2Pac’s ring for over $1 million

With the aim of creating a more forceful flow in his publications, rapper Drake i bought an yearbook 2packs Shakur what i used them for vma del anno 1996, The cost of this watch was more than one million dollars.

The news of your purchase was transmitted through a Announcement Issued by La Madrina Day Tupac, Yasmin Phulawho elaborated that despite the fact that the value of anilo was 300 thousand dollarsSubasta increased its price.

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According to the statement, he tupac ring Total was sold in substa $1.01 millionoffer that I’ve seen since the representation Drake among the audience.

In an official statement it was elaborated that the substadora is pleased with the article, so it will be passed on to a rapper Other.

This personalized ring, one of a kind, was carefully designed by 2Pac and is one of the final products of his creative energy. We are glad that this extraordinary piece has found a new chapter in the hands of another rapper.

Once the purchase is made, Drake There is no one who believes that Nuevo used swag while traveling in Una Historia official instagram account, This post was also intended to celebrate the release of the disc utopia by Travis Scott.

this ring connects to drake collection that is made up of various collector’s items History Dell Hip Hop,

currently Drake open your darling it’s all a hazy touras far as he can guess ring in one of his shows.

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