Downgrade in X (Twitter) prevents images of old tweets from showing

X, formerly known as Twitter, has gone through another bad fall since the platform was acquired by Elon Musk in October 2022. During this weekend, many users have noticed that Attached images or videos are not shown in Tweets published before 2014Thus practically the multimedia content of the historical publications is being lost.

Many users like tom coats, who shared what happened on his ex profile (twitter) thought it was a Elon Musk has a new strategy to save costs, Of course, Coates himself classified this decision as “barbarism” on the part of the nobleman. He said the executive has removed a decade’s worth of images and videos from the service since the early 2000s.

These deleted photos from X (Twitter) included one of the most famous and retweeted selfies in history, Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie at the 2014 Oscars. Those publications that were shared before 2014 also disappeared from YouTube. From the tweet, only the text and a link URL that did not direct anyone else.

The absurd decision of Elon Musk or the downfall of X (Twitter)?

The logo of X, formerly known as Twitter.

Considering the absurd decisions Elon Musk has taken since he is the head of X (Twitter), it would not be strange that removing those images and videos from tweets published prior to 2014 was one of the magnate’s many strategies. End to end cost savings for rare tickets on the platform.

Luckily, This is not an intentional change, but it appears to be a mistake by X (Twitter), Several users noticed that some images, such as Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie at the Oscars, were still available on the platform’s servers. All is well, despite the fact that the publication did not show the content.

In addition, many of the most popular posts from that time appear to be working correctly already, although many others still haven’t been restored. At this time, neither Elon nor X (Twitter) CEO Linda Yacarino has spoken in this regard. But there are chances that the multimedia files will be restored in the next few days.

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