Director talks about recording ‘AOS Thirteen’ and reveals shocking pay: “Only US$3”

‘At Thirteen’ Director Catherine Hardwicke on What It Was Like to Record the Controversial Film Starring Evan Rachel Wood and Nikki Reed

starring evan rachel wood it is Nikki Reed, “at thirteen” (2003) became a cult classic, however, recording the controversial film about two teenagers’ sex and drugs routine was not easy. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment (via Monet), director Catherine Hardwicke recalled what it was like to make the feature and revealed the shocking salary he received for a 20-year-old film.

At the time, the filmmaker was dating Nikki Reed’s father. He prepared the screenplay and Reed, who was 14, wrote the screenplay in only six days. “We wanted to show what it felt like to be a teenager with all the crazy pressure the world put on us,” told Hardwicke about the idea for the feature.

“Every studio and every producer we went to said ‘No, we can’t do it, how can we make an adult film with a 13-year-old girl?'”Remembered the director. “Everyone Said No”,

However, Catherine did not give up and managed to go after the financiers and raise US$2 million to record the work over a period of 24 days. After the film’s release in independent festivals, Fox Studios bought the rights to it. “At Thirteen”.

According to the director, he received only US$ 3 (about R$15) for his work in the film. With a box office of US$10 million, the film earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. holly hunter,

We did it in the races, you know? without any money. I only got $3. But when we finally released it, he said, ‘It’s profound, powerful and relevant to these people’s lives.’

About “thirteen o’clock”:

“at thirteen” Follows Tracy Freehand (Wood), a gifted teenager whose relationship with her mother (Hunter) is strained after she befriends popular Evie (Reid), who takes her away from an underworld of drugs, sex and crime. introduces.

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