CS:GO turns 11 years old in the midst of CS2 hype

The lifespan of Valve’s FPS coincides with the release period of its big update, so some have started to create their own theories.

CS:GO celebrated 11 years of being on the market by marking the before and after in both competitive play and the general FPS video game scene. However, it just fits into the period when its port to CS2 and the transition to the Source 2 graphics engine are more expected.

On the day of this date, but in 2012, Valve’s latest FPS franchise was released for sale on both Steam and consoles (PS3 and Xbox 360). Despite the failure of the last ones mentioned on PC, it was the opposite, and after a number of updates, it has established itself as one of the most popular games on the platform.

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“Today CS:GO turns 11 years old. Happy birthday!”

But as we pointed out at the beginning of the note, 11 years of CS:GO is somewhat overshadowed by the months in which it fits. And the fact is that CS2 is getting closer, so the players began to create their theories about a possible launch on the same day or by mid-September.

Despite the absence of an estimated date, Valve continues to test new assets in the FPS beta. For example, reducing the number of rounds from 16 to 13 for an easier competitive experience or bullet penetration system. Except, by leaks, hell and train they will be the next cards to be released.

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“Based on changes to the gamemodes.txt file, it looks like the next Counter-Strike 2 maps will be de_inferno and possibly de_train.”

In the meantime, there remains the last expectation of a transition from CS:GO to CS2 in the middle of its 11th anniversary, according to the company, it will be released according to the summer time of the northern hemisphere, that is, between June 21 and 21. 23 September. Therefore, the path becomes shorter, and players will soon switch to the Source 2 graphics engine.

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