Camping hours and a strict rule in Excel: what a day is like for “Swifties” who wait for their idol in the river

For several months now, fans of Taylor Swift Wait in front of River Plate Stadium in Buenos Aires for a concert by the singer in November. One of them is 22 year old Juliet Pawan. It is not enough for him to have an entrance. Want the best location in the stadium, right in front of the stage. That’s why he set up his Carp when it was not even clear whether the American singer would tour Argentina. Earlier there were only rumours.

On 31 May, Pawan set up Corp No. 1. Three days later, the official announcement was made: Taylor Swift would give concerts on November 9 and 10. No tordo en anadirse a nueva fecha, el 11 del mismo mismo.

The wind does not wait alone. About 50 people live together in its carp, mostly female fans, who take turns. During the day, two or three people take care of the carp, which are located a few meters from the entrance. Por la noche, pueden ser cuatro. Each of them will have to put in at least 35 hours in a month, including one night, with no limit on the maximum.

Pawan works in a clinic to draw blood for 7 to 13 years. Whenever you have time, after coming to the stadium. If you spend the night here, get up early and go straight to work. “I love coming here because I hang out with my friends,” she says. “Here I meet my family, my sons like my sisters. It’s basically the same as you”.

Celeste Herrero, 21, is another member of the family. The two women met last year while camping for a concert by former British band One Direction member Harry Styles. The two waited half a year for the night of their concert together.

Pawan has already camped for several concerts simultaneously. Last year Herrero spent nine months camping on the road with short breaks of two weeks. “Valio la peña -says -.” Fuerón las majors noches de me vida”.

In November, I want to be closer to Taylor Swift. “I identify with a lot of your songs. It’s like you were listening to me. No me conose y al mismo tiempo conose me tan bien. I admire him a lot. Es la major mujer del planeta, la amo”, he says.

El amor de los “Swifties”, as the singer’s fans call themselves, knows no bounds. Algunos had to stay around the stadium for several weeks, even though they still have no entrance. Hope to find one for the day of the concert.

There are two bad carp on the side of the wind carp, number two and number three. The order is important because it determines who enters the stadium and at what time on the day of the concert. For now, Pawan will be first. Not just because it occupies the front carp, but because the front of the stadium has by far the most hours spent on it: nearly 400. Hours are registered in an Excel spreadsheet. There are also two shift calendars and three WhatsApp groups for coordinating groups of up to 50 people.

Pawan shows a two-page PDF on his smartphone. En el cabezado pasa: “Bienvenido a la carpa i, estas sol, muchacha”. More rules: others are not allowed to observe the clock, carp should never be left alone, the place must be kept clean.

Cleaning is done carefully once a day, this afternoon; An unknown person steps on a Rincon next to Karps. Everyone helped, in the solo Pavana y Herrero, Bel Tambien dos Chicas de las Otras dos Carpes, also friends from previous concerts. Together they swept the floor, removed the mattresses and blankets from the carpets and put them back in place, dusting off the fallen sheets.

Las noches en la carpa can be quite uncomfortable. Victoria Diaz, who is part of the number two carp, says, “Anoche casi me mori de frio”. “Esas son las cosas no tan buenos de camping”.

From September to October, when temperatures start to rise, more stores open, and the situation becomes more confusing. “We try to keep it as quiet as possible,” says Diaz.

Preparations for the big day began a week before the concert. Las Carapas was founded by Pawan Establescen El Orden de Accesso, the organizers of the Las Carapaces. How many more hours you have completed before that, the further you will go in the line.

The day before the concert, at the last minute, everyone arrives. With about 50 individuals per carp, this is sufficient. The whole world has written your place in the queue on your hand, “It’s important to know what’s in front of you and what’s behind you,” says Diaz.

After destroying the carps, start the queue at the entrance. Each one takes their place where they will spend the night and day. Then, a few hours before the concert, When large crowds arrive, they become trapped under each other and form human barricades. Diaz says, “so that the pulse gets involved”. None of them leave the place they have spent hundreds of hours guarding.


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